This Week in Boarding

15 July 2016

We have started the term well with the prompt return of boarders on Monday. The Boarder Parent Forum was held at 5.00pm and was well attended. Some of our parents stayed for dinner afterwards.  

The first week of any term is a time to settle and re-establish friendships. I always find the first dinner back on the evening before term commences to be quite delightful with the excited and lively chatter of the girls sitting with their friends and discussing the holidays. There is never any gloom at this first meal. Some boarders will experience temporary homesickness on their return. While they naturally miss family, they tend to quickly become busy and distracted.

Wednesday night was State of Origin night. To get into the mood, the evening meal was a pie, chips, mushy peas followed by multi-coloured icecream. Please note, this is not a standard boarder dinner! The older boarders are permitted to watch the whole game. The younger ones watch the first half.

Boarders were involved in a number of wonderful Glennie events during the past holiday such as the Sports Tour to New Zealand, the Music Tour to Europe, teaching swimming in Vietnam and the Equestrian Competitions. For others, holidays at home are cherished and often involve working on family properties.

We have a busy weekend ahead of us. Events include the Fairholme Boarder Bash on Saturday and the Year 12 girls heading to Fairholme on Monday for a return dinner. I hope to have photos for you next week!

Mrs Val Lovell
Head of Boarding

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