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16 June 2016

I have visited the South West of America including infamous places like Yuma and Tombstone, then headed fearlessly and naively into Mexico. Such colourful and romantic destinations seemed like an exciting theme for a dinner and entertainment with Glennie and Fairholme Year 7 boarders.The element of danger associated with the Wild West was obviously absent; it was very Disney like! The dining room looked as though Mexican artist Frida Kahlo had decorated it for a dinner party.

When working out the logistics of theme dinners, one always needs to remember resources and costs. The kitchen staff do wonderful Mexican food and appropriate decorations are fairly easy to access. Even pinatas can be purchased at Big W. We enjoyed the food plus the decor and, thanks to a previous talent hunt, a wonderful line dancing teacher in Cass Daniels from the Glennie Aquatic Centre. Add Bennie the Bee, AKA Boarder Captain Jennifer Stewart into the mix and we were set for fun. Bennie resides permanently in Simmons House and even has her own sign out card for outings.

Two Fairholme boarding staff brought their excited Year 7 boarders to add to ours, and a lovely evening was had by all. Jen Stewart and Webber House Captain Georgia Parsons assisted with the decorations and early entertainment. Many girls had their photo taken with Bennie.

The evening was most enjoyable and we will make this a once per term event. The staff also enjoyed a chat over dinner.

Mrs Val Lovell
Head of Boarding

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