This Week in Boarding

10 June 2016

The boarders are completing exams this week and looking forward to heading home shortly. The last two weeks of term are an exciting time for them. Whilst we have been fairly quiet during exam times, there have still been interesting activities on offer.

Bella Chicks was available for the Junior Boarders last Friday and Friday chess was well attended. Mrs Gayle Ash put her culinary skills to good use and made spring rolls with Brown House boarders on Saturday. There was opportunity for reflection on Saturday evening with the boarders who were in residence attending Chapel with Miss Kate Powell; her services are calming, but thought provoking and always relevant. When Chapel occurs on a Saturday evening, there is a beautiful Reflective Service with candles and music.

Boarders do have occasions when they can sleep in, and last Sunday provided such an opportunity. The Year 12 boarders and Mrs Ash cooked brunch and all of the girls who remained in boarding enjoyed a leisurely Sunday.

Tonight the Year 7 Fairholme Boarders join their peers for a Mexican meal and line dancing. This evening has a relaxed and colourful South-Western America and over the border theme. Mrs Cass Daniels is an excellent line-dancing instructor and her sessions are always a welcome part of the weekend. All of the above activities are funded by boarding.

Glennie parent, Mrs Helen Wilson kindly supplied lovely flowers to boarding and the dining room during the past week. Many of our parents are generous supporters of boarding.

Please note that casual boarding is available for day girls. I can be contacted on

Mrs Val Lovell
Head of Boarding

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