Friendly Rivalry

3 June 2016

Boarders always enjoy a party, and we find all sorts of excuses to have one!

State of Origin Dinner was a fairly simple affair with pies, peas, chips and gravy. It may be simple, but it is a favourite occasion. Our NSW contingent was small but enthusiastic. The boarders were required to organise their study and homework early to allow them to watch the game. Younger boarders watched the first half.

Coming from Adelaide, I find the enthusiasm surrounding Rugby League a bit difficult to fathom. I have, however, embraced what is an important event on the boarding calendar. Mercifully, the middle game falls in the holidays when parents can deal with the enthusiasm!

As Birthday Tuesday was the night before, we rolled the functions into one with the usual monthly birthday cakes being decorated in appropriate colours. One was blue and the other as close to maroon as possible.

The boarders are in exam mode, but they enjoyed a little friendly rivalry and fun as well as celebrating birthdays for May.

During last week of each term is pyjama/bingo night. The girls play after-dinner bingo in their pyjamas. Teddy bears and other stuffed toys are welcome. The prizes are mini chocolate frogs and this is always great fun.

Mrs Val Lovell
Head of Boarding

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