This Week in Boarding

27 May 2016

People are often interested in the diet of today’s boarders. Prospective boarding parents who have had poor experiences themselves are often filled with wonder at the changes in the past few years. Firstly, a trained Nutritionist assesses our menu, and the Glennie Catering staff work hard to provide a nutritious diet for our boarders. Gone are the days of being forced to eat something one detests; we are certainly not draconian.

There are boarding staff at dinner and breakfast who do subtle checks to see that the girls are eating well and  the catering staff will indicate any concerns. The Year 12s at the Family table two evenings per week monitor eating. This is good leadership on their part.

There are cooked and continental breakfasts four mornings per week plus tea, coffee and juice. Morning and afternoon teas are provided, as is supper each evening. Dinner offers assorted vegetables plus rice or pasta with dessert or fruit. There is always red meat, chicken or fish and we also provide well for vegetarians who simply require a letter of consent from a parent.

Some boarders have medically diagnosed food intolerances or allergies and we accommodate these following confirmation from a medical practitioner. A gluten free diet is available for anyone with a coeliac problem.

Lunch often involves a hot offering such as fried rice, pasta or a burger and there is always an extensive salad bar with many choices of breads and fillings. There is soup two days per week in the winter months.

What happens if a boarder is late from an excursion, has an appointment or is travelling? We have a list which goes to the kitchen staff outlining late meals. If boarders attend excursions or sport during school time or on weekends, their meals are supplied.

The boarders are surveyed on food likes and dislikes and having done this for some years, there is little I can add except no two surveys are alike. In one survey one respondent never wanted to see another fish finger again, while another boarder wrote that she loved fish fingers above all, in very large print. This survey is interesting for the kitchen and boarding staff, and as you can imagine, the responses are often very entertaining.  These surveys are taken seriously and change is made.

Mrs Val Lovell
Head of Boarding

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