This Week in Boarding

20 May 2016

We are encouraging boarders to be more environmentally aware by recycling and have acquired additional bins in the boarding house for this purpose. To further encourage awareness, we held a special dinner on Tuesday where girls wore outfits constructed from recycled items. I hasten to add that the meal was not recycled!

Our themed dinners always incorporate small prizes for the best and most imaginative outfits and are often handmade items. Also, these special occasions are often used as a way to raise money for charity.

Themed dinners have included an Alphabet dinner where girls in their family tables were allocated a letter of the alphabet. We have had all types of extravagant home-made creations, including eight octopus characters with tentacles made from green tights. I was unaware that octopi actually make a noise, until the eight girls arrived in the dining hall calling out a "who" sound repeatedly. They were very green, memorable and hilarious.

In addition to Valentine’s Day dinner, we have an annual dinner celebrating Indigenous culture, plus a meal where Mexican is the theme. Country and Rural is a comfortable and familiar theme and many girls can celebrate home. Miss Kate Powell conducts a special Easter meal for the boarders. Each year we hold a wonderful boarding Christmas dinner with a Santa who is, of course, a Blue Card holder and member of the Glennie community!

State of Origin nights usually offer pies, peas and chips with blue or red jelly and icecream. Not the most nutritionally sound meal as a rule, but highly enjoyable. There is always a bit of friendly rivalry between the boarders from New South Wales and Queensland. Etiquette dinners provide the opportunity to revise appropriate table manners.

It is not only the dinner that provides the fun; our excellent Boarding Committees take these events on wholeheartedly and create hand-made decorations and prize wrappings. Our catering staff are always supportive and encourage the boarders' creativity.

Mrs Val Lovell
Head of Boarding

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