Change to Leave Slip Protocol - Middle and Senior Years

27 May 2016

With our new attendance system working well, we have made some changes to The School procedures for students entering and leaving school for various reasons.

As of Friday 20 May, girls will not need to collect Yellow Leave Slips from the Academic Office.

For appointments or early leave, please email or call the Academic Administration Office (07) 4688 8887.

The details will be entered directly into the system, and girls will be allowed to leave from class. If your daughter has a recurring appointment, please email and this can be entered for the term.

Please note: If your daughter has a paper note written by you, she will need to go to the Academic Administration Office before school, or during break time to have her appointment entered.

Signing In

Girls will still need to sign in when arriving late for any reason and upon returning from appointments.

For more information, please check the What to Do When  section of the Student Handbook on the Portal for all school procedures.  

If you have any questions or queries, please contact Mrs Tracey Patrick by email or phone.

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