Tables turn for Glennie teachers

24 July 2015

On Friday, 19 June the tables turned on Glennie teachers and they were put in the learning seats. Australian Director of the Marzano Institute Australia, Dr Janelle Wills, delivered a professional development session for our teachers.

Janelle is the lead training associate for High Reliability Schools, The Art and Science of Teaching and other Marzano topics. Janelle specialises in long-term school improvement efforts. With over thirty years of teaching and leadership experience across the three sectors of schooling, Janelle has a strong commitment to continued learning, enabling her to remain both informed and innovative in her approaches.

In her previous role as Director of Teaching and Learning at Independent Schools Queensland, Janelle developed and implemented significant initiatives. For example: the Literacy and Numeracy Coaching Academy involving over 150 schools and the Literacy and Numeracy National Partnership implementation strategies in independent schools.

"The main aspect of the Art and Science of Teaching that I find really useful is that it gathers all of the best teaching practices into one easily accessible place. This helps give me focus and clarity to my teaching approach as well as many really useful practical ideas to improve my effectiveness in the classroom" says Mrs Pauline Gehrmann.

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