Why Boarding?

22 April 2016

You may find it interesting to know why people choose boarding school. Most of our families decide on boarding because they live in remote locations a significant distance from schools. They want their daughter to have the many opportunities that Glennie provides. Some families are maintaining a generational Glennie boarding tradition.

Some boarders do not live far from Toowoomba, but feel that full or weekly boarding is less tiring for their daughter and provides both opportunity and routine without having to travel long distances daily. Boarding is wonderful for friendships and creating independence. Boarders adapt well to going away to university or the workplace because they tend to be self-sufficient, organised and adaptable.

We welcome casual boarding when parents go away, and encourage before and after school care for girls in Years 6 to 12.

If any day parents would like to discuss boarding options with me, or even have a tour of boarding please phone me on 0419 655 880 to make an appointment.

Mrs Val Lovell
Head of Boarding

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