This week in boarding

15 April 2016

We have had a busy first week in boarding and look forward to some of the older boarders attending a social at Scots PGC in Warwick on Saturday night. Many Brown House Boarders will enjoy a trip to the Japanese Gardens plus a picnic on Sunday.

On Monday the 18th April our boarder leaders have invited their peers from other Toowoomba boarding schools to join them for pizza, socialising and an ideas session. They look forward to hosting this event.

To complete my overview of the Boarding Houses, this week we look at Dowson  House. Dowson is the home for Year 9 to 11 boarders in 2016. This house is run by Mrs Maree Renouf who is the mother of four daughters and a past Glennie parent. In addition to having 17 years’ experience in boarding at Glennie, Mrs Renouf holds an Associate Degree in Social Science (Residential care) from ACU. Mrs Gayle Ash from Simmons House has the same qualification.

During 2015, the extension to Dowson House was completed and named the Heather Smith Wing after a much loved and long term Glennie Staff member. In addition to being the Head of Tufnell House, Mrs Smith filled the role of Head of Boarding at various times.

Dowson House is a large and vibrant establishment with our boarders learning to take on greater responsibility on their way to becoming more self-sufficient young adults. Maree Renouf has a kind and fair approach to her charges and of course resides in a house attached to Dowson. Her girls perform well academically and enjoy the privileges that come with growing maturity.

Mrs Val Lovell
Head of Boarding

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