Japanese tea party

10 August 2018

Japanese students currently on exchange in Toowoomba had the pleasure of sharing morning tea with Mrs Cohen on Wednesday.  It was a lovely opportunity to catch up on their experience in Australia so far.

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Year 5 Science Morning

10 August 2018

On Tuesday the Year 5 girls attended the Year 5 Science Morning at Toowoomba Grammar School. The girls participated in a morning of science rotations with students from Fairholme and Toowoomba Grammar Junior.  Here are some of their reflections:

Science Morning was really enjoyable.The activity that I enjoyed the most was the mentos and coke experiment. Kate Roper

I enjoyed the Mentos Mayhem experiment. We had containers of water, lemonade and coke and put mentos into each drink. The water did nothing, the lemonade fizzed a little, and the coke made a big explosion! Charlie Alcock Reedy-Ayriss

I enjoyed making catapults at Science morning.  It was fun to see who could get on the ‘brag list’ for each test.  Most of the tests were harder than expected! Louise Anderson

I enjoyed making and testing catapults at Science Morning. We also made invisible ink using lemon juice. You had to dry your picture and put it under a light to see what the drawing was. Alice Sengaroun

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Be part of our Golf Day

10 August 2018

We have a small number of sponsorship spots available for the Glennie Foundation Golf Day. These opportunities to promote your business include a round of golf, golf cart, hospitality package and a player kit.  

If you are looking for an opportunity to promote your business, we are looking for raffle prizes and auction items. Prize donors will be acknowledged at the golf day and in follow-up marketing activities.  

If you would like to support the Golf Day, please contact Foundation Officer Tammy Wilson foundation@glennie.qld.edu.au

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Storybox Library

10 August 2018

This wonderful resource is now available for you to access at home.

  • Go to Storybox Library, then choose Login, 
  • choose the Schools and Early Childhood option.
  • Username: glennie  
  • Password: GlennieJnr

Enjoy the array of stories read by well-known Australian actors, authors and librarians.

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Eye Spy Glennie in the Media

10 August 2018

Did you spot these stories in the Media?

If you spot a story about a current Glennie girl or Glennie Old Girl in the media, we would appreciate your sharing of the story with us. Kindly forward the story via email to development@glennie.qld.edu.au.

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100 Years of GOGA

10 August 2018

It’s GOGA Reunion Weekend and we are looking forward to welcoming guests to our tours and brunch on Saturday and our Family BBQ on Sunday.

Archivist Noeleen Fleming has been busy compiling a history of GOGA and we thought you might like to take a look.

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This Week in Boarding

10 August 2018

It’s been a busy two weeks in boarding with socials and dinners. Last weekend our Year 7 Boarders attended a junior secondary social at Downlands and our Year 8 to 11 joined in the Fairholme Boarder Bash the weekend before. We have held an etiquette dinner, birthday Tuesday and an Indigenous dinner in the Glennie Dining Room during the past two weeks. On Monday of this week, our Year 12 Boarders joined Fairholme Year 12s for a lovely meal and socialising. We get together twice per year for this function.

The pool is available for Sunday swimming, chess has resumed and so has craft. Brown House attended a weekend movie and we have outdoor activities planned for Saturday afternoon. All boarders will head to Junior Years for a BBQ Lunch as part of the GOGA Reunion Weekend. Tutoring is running again in boarding with the girls taking up the offer of additional homework support.

Mrs Val Lovell
Head of Boarding

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Last chance for tickets

10 August 2018

If you haven't already bought your tickets for the Boarder Mother's Lunch, now is time. Tickets close on Monday.

The annual Boarder Mothers' Luncheon is being hosted in Mrs Cohen's garden on Friday 17 August.

This is a lovely opportunity for boarding mothers, grandmothers and sisters and School staff to get together in a relaxed and friendly environment.  (This event is not a fundraiser.)

Boarding mothers will have the opportunity to catch up with the current Head of Boarding, Mrs Val Lovell and also meet the new Head of Boarding, Mrs Donna Grant.  

Tickets are $40 and include a light lunch, champagne and beer. Tickets can be purchased online at Trybooking.com.

You can also follow the event on Facebook  

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Eisteddfod Wraps Up

10 August 2018

Well done to all of the Glennie students who performed in the second part of the Eisteddfod sections over the past two weeks. Glennie girls placed in a large number of instrumental and Speech and Drama sections. There were some very exciting results for our Middle and Senior Year Concert Band and conductor Mrs Jayne Davidson who won First Place in the Secondary School A Grade Concert Band Section.

Congratulations to all the girls, staff and parents for their involvement in this year's Eisteddfod performances, and especially well done to Miss Brix, Mrs Bravery, Mrs Kleidon, Mrs Davidson, Mrs Fuller, Mr Dixon, Mr Wisley, Miss Kann for their outstanding conducting and to Mrs Gordon and Mrs Fuller for their wonderful accompanying. Thanks to Mrs Hawthorne and Mr Finlay for their co-ordination and organisation of the event and to all staff who assisted with supervision.

Group Results

Primary String Trio/Quartet

  • The Glennie School JY Cello Quartet - 2nd
  • The Glennie School Yr 4 Cello Trio - HC

Primary School Orchestra

  • The Glennie School JY Orchestra - 3rd

Primary School Beginner Band

  • The Glennie School JY Concert Band - 3rd 

Primary School Small Instrumental Ensemble

  • The Glennie School Yr 4 Flutes - 2nd

Primary School Percussion Ensemble

  • The Glennie School JY Percussion Ensemble

Primary School Instrumental Ensemble

  • The Glennie School Yr 5 Strings - 2nd 
  • The Glennie School JY Woodwind Ensemble - HC

Primary School Brass Ensemble

  • The Glennie School Brass Ensemble - 3rd


  • The Glennie School Youth Orchestra - 2nd

Secondary School String Ensemble

  • The Glennie School String Ensemble - 3rd

Secondary School Small String Ensemble

  • The Glennie School Chamber Strings - 2nd

Secondary School String Trio/Quartet

  • The Glennie School String Quartet  - 2nd

Open Stage Band

  • The Glennie School Big Band - 3rd 

Secondary School A Grade Stage Band

  • The Glennie School Big Band  - 2nd

Secondary School A Grade Concert Band

  • The Glennie School Concert Band - 1st 

Yr 12 & under Chamber Music Ensemble

  • The Glennie School Wind Quintet - 3rd 

Secondary School Percussion or ORFF Ensemble

  • The Glennie School Yr 12 Music - 2nd 

Individual Results

All-Age Graded String Solo Preliminary

  • Emily Davidson - HC

Years 5 or 6 Cello or Double Bass Solo

  • Grace de la Croix - HC

Year 6 Flute Solo

  • Amelia Telford - 3rd 

Primary Any other Woodwind Duet

  • Amelia Telford & Sophie Giesemann - HC 

Year 6 Saxophone Solo

  • Isabella Poole - HC 

Yr 6 Popular/Jazz/Movie Woodwind Solo

  • Sophie Giesemann - 3rd 
  • Isabella Poole - HC 

Year 5 and under Trumpet or Cornet Solo

  • Xanthe Schubert - 2nd 

Year 5 and under Popular/Jazz/Movie Trumpet or Cornet Solo

  • Xanthe Schubert - 1st 

Primary Brass Duet

  • Xanthe Schubert & Skyla Fleming - 1st 

Year 6 Other Brass Solo

  • Hayley Catlow - 3rd 

Year 5 & under Clarinet Solo

  • Vijetha Gowda - HC

Year 6 Clarinet Solo

  • Sophie Giesemann - 3rd 

Year 4 Verse Speaking (female) Solo

  • Amalia Faramand - HC 

Primary Non-Humorous Solo

  • Isabella Poole - HC 

Year 3 and Under Humorous Solo

  • Sophie Kavanagh - 2nd 
  • Penelope Litz - HC 

Year 2 Verse Speaking Solo

  • Shashaa Logitharan - 2nd 

Year 3 Verse Speaking Female

  • Sophia Kavanagh - HC

Year 5 Verse Speaking Female

  • Bailey Crisp - HC

Year 5 Humorous Solo

  • Anastasia Hand - HC 

Year 6 Verse Speaking (female) Solo

  • Isabelle Morrissey - HC
  • Mashal Imam - HC

Year 6 Humorous (female) Solo

  • Isabelle Morrissey - HC 

Year 7 to 9 String Duet

  • Olivia McLevie & Harper Lanigan - 3rd 

Year 7 to 9 Cello or Double Bass Solo

  • Olivia McLevie - HC 

Years 10-12 Violin or Viola Solo

  • Sophie Little - HC

Years 10-12 String Unaccompanied Solo

  • Hannah Smith - 2nd

Years 10-12 Popular/Jazz/Traditional/Australian String Solo

  • Sophie Little - HC

Year 11 & 12 Saxophone Solo

  • Alice Armytage - HC

Year 11 & 12 Popular/Jazz/Movie Woodwind Solo

  • Alice Armytage - 3rd 
  • Georgina Dummett - HC 

Year 11 and 12 Popular/Jazz/Movie Brass Solo

  • Kate Osborne - 1st
  • Shannon Rush - 2nd

Year 11 and 12 Trumpet or Cornet Solo

  • Kate Osborne - 1st 
  • Shannon Rush - 2nd

Year 9 and 10 Trumpet or Cornet Solo

  • Apoorva Abeysundera - 3rd 

Year 9 and 10 Popular/Jazz/Movie Brass Solo

  • Isabella Lilford - 1st 
  • Hannah Waterfall - 2nd

Year 9 and 10 Brass Solo

  • Isabella Lilford - 1st 
  • Hannah Waterfall - 2nd
  • Harper Lanigan - 3rd 

All-Age Graded String Solo Diploma Level or above

  • Hannah Smith - 2nd 

Years 10 to 12 String Championship Solo

  • Hannah Smith - 2nd 

Secondary Clarinet Duet

  • Kate Healy & Lauren Lester - 3rd 

Year 9 & 10 Flute Solo

  • Lucy Nicholls - 3rd 

Year 7 and 8 Other Brass Solo

  • Harriet Dummett - 2nd 

Year 7 and 8 Trumpet or Cornet Solo

  • Isabella Shelton - 2nd 

Year 9 & 10 Saxophone Solo

  • Emily Lawrence - HC 
  • Kartia Chin - HC

Year 9 & 10 Any other Woodwind Solo

  • Anyela Naumann - 2nd 
  • Gabrielle Kleidon - 3rd

Year 9 & 10 Popular/Jazz/Movie Woodwind Solo

  • Lucy Nicholls - 2nd
  • Emily Lawrence - 3rd 

Secondary Saxophone Duet

  • Emily Lawrence & Kartia Chin - 2nd 

Year 11 & 12 Flute Solo

  • Namitha Jacob - HC 

Year 7 & 8 Clarinet Solo

  • Gabrielle Waterfall - HC

Secondary Brass Duet

  • Kate Osborne & Shannon Rush - 3rd 
  • Ellaryn Gilbert & Isabella Shelton - HC 

Secondary Brass (unaccompanied) Trio / Quartet

  • The Glennie School Trumpet Trio - 1st 

Secondary School Woodwind or Brass Ensemble

  • The Glennie School Woodwind Ensemble - 2nd 

Year 9 Verse Speaking Solo

  • Sandali Gange - 3rd
  • Sandra Miller - HC 

Year 8 Humorous (female) Solo

  • Ruby Tighe - 1st 

Year 10 Memorised Prose Solo

  • Celine Dixon - HC

Year 11 Humorous Solo

  • Sofie Halfpenny - 1st

Years 11 and 12 Memorised Prose Solo

  • Sofie Halfpenny - 2nd 
  • Robyn Lareman - HC 

Year 7 Humorous (Female) Solo

  • Amelia Gaffney - 1st 

Years 11 and 12 Shakespearean Drama Solo

  • Georgia Meise - HC 

Years 10 to 12 Non-Humorous Solo

  • Celine Dixon - 2nd 

Years 11 and 12 Monologue Solo

  • Georgia Meise - 2nd 

Year 7 to 9 Non-Humorous Solo

  • Sandra Miller - 1st 
  • Sandali Gange - 2nd
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10 August 2018

Recently, Ryanda Craige and Laura de Jong competed at the Queensland Schools Championships in Orienteering. Both girls did extremely well. Competing in the 13 Years Girls division Ryanda finished 5th in the sprint, 6th in the Long Distance and won gold in the relays.  Laura competed in the Junior Girls Championship class, and has been named in the Queensland  Junior Girls team after finishing 5th in the sprint, 4th in the Long Distance and getting the 2nd fastest split in the relay.

Congratulations girls, and all the best to Laura for the next phase of Orienteering!

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Touch of Success

10 August 2018

Seven Glennie girls were into the 13 to 15 years Darling Downs and Presidents Touch Football teams and competed at the Touch State Championships held late last week.  Bailey Kowitz played well for the President's team with Ella Kowitz, Holly Wilmington, Jessica Barnes, Zoe Waters, Matilda Leicht and Jess Fitzgibbons assisting the Darling Downs to reach the Semi-finals. Defeated by only three points, the girls were delighted to be placed fourth out of 12 teams in Queensland. Marvellous effort girls!

Matilda Leicht gained selection to the Queensland Touch team and we wish her well with her future games.  We thank the dedicated group of coaches and parents who support the girls throughout their sporting endeavours.

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Scarlett Chopping her way to Nationals

10 August 2018

Scarlett Orange (Year 3) represented Queensland recently at the Australian National Karate Tournament. It is run by the official international and Olympic body for the sport. She is competing in the under 10 individual female kata division. She was one of the youngest competing and was extremely excited.

Congratulations, Scarlett!

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Ava leading the way at Netball

10 August 2018

Last week, Ava Black (Year 10) competed for Queensland at the Australian School Sport Netball Championships in the U15 division. Ava was extremely honoured to be named as team captain, where she led the way to Queensland placing 5th overall. At the end of the competition, Ava was awarded the ‘Amy Safe’ award for the Most Valuable Player of the Tournament. Congratulations Ava on such a prestigious achievement!

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State Referees

10 August 2018

Kirralee Bronkhurst and Layla Proctor were selected to referee at the Queensland School Sport 10 -12 Years Football Championships at the Sunshine Coast. Layla's refereeing performance at the State Championships was noticed, and she has now been invited to referee at the Australian School Sport 10-12 Years Football Championships in Sydney from 16 to the 21 September. She is the only Queensland referee to be invited.

Congratulations girls!

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Red Lions Cup Football

10 August 2018

On Tuesday, two football teams competed in the Red Lions Cup. The Fillies played in the Cup division, while the Juniors played in the Plate division. Both teams played extremely well. The Fillies had two wins, a draw and loss, placing second in their pool. The Juniors had a win, a draw and two losses, placing them fourth in their pool. The Fillies are now preparing to play in the semi-finals against Harristown.

Thank you to Mr Moy, Mrs Watts and Miss Broom for their support and coaching tips on the day.

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Newtown Cup

10 August 2018

Last Friday, eight teams of netballers competed against St Ursula’s in the Newtown Cup.

This inaugural event was extremely successful, with all students leaving the courts saying it was lots of fun with a great competitive feel. Staff present saw some fantastic sportsmanship and leadership from students in all teams.

Overall, Glennie was defeated by St Ursula’s 6 games to 2. Some of these games were extremely hard fought, with fast-paced plays being made.

Thank you to all students who came out in support of the teams on Friday night, to Mrs Cohen for supporting the main game, and to Mr Griffiths and Mrs Draheim for organising the event. We are looking forward to future events with St Ursula’s.

Click here for a photo gallery

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Saturday Netball Duty

10 August 2018

Thank you to all the parents and staff members who helped with the barbeque, canteen and general running of Glennie’s netball duty day on Saturday.

The day could not have run so smoothly without everyone’s generous assistance.

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Have you got some sporting news?

10 August 2018

If you have any news about your daughter’s sporting success, we would love to hear from you. Don’t forget, if your daughter was in a team with other Glennie girls, we need to include them too!

Send any news and photos to sport@glennie.qld.edu.au

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Experience a day at Glennie

10 August 2018

Do you know a family exploring their education options? We are inviting families to enjoy a day at The Glennie School, Monday 20 August, 8:45am to 3:15pm.

You’ll have the opportunity to meet our Principal, Mrs Kim Cohen, speak with our teachers, explore our facilities and experience Glennie so you can be confident your daughter will receive the personal attention she needs to be All She Can Be.

For the Kindy and Prep experiences, parents are asked to stay with their child with the session finishing at 12 noon.

For more information and to register your interest visit our website

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New Resources

10 August 2018

Readers of all ages will be interested in some new resources through the Toowoomba Regional Library. They now have Kanopy, an online streaming site. Library members can view up to 10 films per month.

They also now have RBDigital, which is great for eAudio books and magazines. All eResources can be found through this link.

Any Queenslander can join any Queensland public library, so if you don’t live in Toowoomba but visit, you can join.

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Father’s Day Breakfast

10 August 2018

Students in Kindy to Year 6 invite their dads to a special Father’s Day Breakfast on Thursday 30 August. Please RSVP to junioradmin@glennie.qld.edu.au by Thursday 23 August.

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Father’s Day Stall

10 August 2018

Junior Years students will have the opportunity to buy their dad a gift at the Father’s Day stall being held at allocated class times on Tuesday 28 and Thursday 30 August. All gifts are $5.

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A Message from Mrs Cohen

3 August 2018

The universal wish of parents, when asked what they most desire for their children, appears to be that they are happy. The answer almost always comes without hesitation. And would it not be wonderful if we could all go through life happy, without a care in the world, all our worries lifted from us? There is, however, more to happiness than just “being happy”.

We all do need to care, we do need to feel sad when confronted with the images of homeless, wounded people after an earthquake; or the horror of going to bed with the thought of bombs and rockets raining down in myriad areas in the Middle East, or hearing about yet another high school massacre.

What I want for my children is that they are compassionate, empathetic and resilient all underlined by a sense of wellbeing. Yes, I do want them to be happy – but not all the time. I believe we put too much pressure on our children to be happy because, let’s face it: if they’re happy then we’re happy. What a burden for them to carry. We need to be very careful of focusing continually on how they are feeling as this could inadvertently amplify feelings of anxiety or sadness.

As parents, we often try to smooth out the bumps in the road before our daughters trip up. Yes, we may be trying to cushion them from the disappointment of failure, but are we doing them any favours? Should we not rather use these opportunities to teach them the value of failure; teach them to acknowledge the disappointment and determine how they might improve in the next attempt and the next. The relatively safe environment of school and home is the perfect place for them to learn these skills and thus build up resilience.

Too often when parents level the path for their daughters they are teaching them to be helpless because mum or dad will sort out any difficulties. As a mother I have felt the pain of watching my daughters struggle with friendship issues, poor grades, breakups and disappointments and I have had to resist the almost overwhelming urge to rush in and make it all better. I do this because they have to learn to deal with these challenges and I know I have to teach them.

More and more in our stressed and fast-paced world we find students tend to pass the blame for forms not signed, drafts not completed or poor results. It is so important our children recognise they are responsible for their own success, be it academic or personal. Throughout their lives they will come across classmates, teachers, colleagues or bosses with whom they don’t gel. They need strategies to deal with these instances, not escape routes.

Martin Seligman, the father of Positive Psychology - the study of the strengths and virtues that enable individuals and communities to thrive - lists five components of the concept of flourishing (PERMA):

  1. Positive emotions – happiness
  2. Engagement – being completely absorbed in activities
  3. Relationships – being authentically and positively connected to others
  4. Meaning – connecting to things larger than oneself
  5. Achievement – a knowledge of one’s genuine strengths

(Gostrengths.com, 2014)

 He states that as parents the emphasis that so many of us place on the first one comes at a cost to the other four. We would all do well – and through that, our children too – to take note.

Gostrengths.com, (2014). What is PERMA by Martin Seligman | GoStrengths! [online] Available at: http://www.gostrengths.com/whatisperma/

Mrs Kim Cohen

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A Message from the Deputy Principal

3 August 2018

The Problem of Popularity

We all worry about friendships, play dates, birthday parties, who’s in and who’s out. Sometimes we worry more than our children do. We want them to be happy and enjoy having lots of friends. We are sad when they fall out with friends and anxious when they make a friend we are doubtful about. Popularity is a minefield, for parents as well as children.

While many friendships don’t last long when we are young, the effects of popularity, or lack of it, can endure a lifetime. If you’re popular, you’re given more opportunities to practise social skills or gain access to new information. The flip side is that unpopular kids don’t get the same advantages.

When it comes in the form of likability and making others feel included and welcomed, popularity leads to good outcomes. Adolescents, however, tend to admire being cool, visible, influential and dominant, and kids who trade on status may vie for it as adults and fail to develop other important skills. As a result, they may be more likely to experience depression, anxiety, relationship difficulties or addiction.

Here are some thoughts about how you can help your children develop the right kind of skills. Of course, we need to model this to them as parents and ensure that we, too are seeking the right kind of popularity.

Move the focus away from status.
Stop liking, liking, liking, and counting your likes. Ask questions that encourage children to target real, quality friends rather than fly-by-nights. Offline, don’t convey to your kids that they need to be in a particular club or clique, rather that it is the quality of their friendships that is important. When you focus on ephemeral popularity, they won’t learn how to identify healthy, reciprocal relationships.

Address their desire for popularity.
When children are unhappy with their place in the pecking order, offer extra love, acknowledge their feelings and share your values. You can’t persuade them to not care, but you can try to understand why this matters to them. Remind them what they’d lose if they sacrificed their existing friendships to pursue popularity.

It’s difficult when a child wants to be popular, and there are no easy answers. Adults can point out that the most popular kids may also be lonely and lack trusting reliable friendships. We can never know what is really happening in others’ lives.

Focus on what they can control, such as being kind.
In every community, there are things that make you popular. If it’s a wealthy community, it might have to do with your level of wealth. If it’s a religious community, it might be about your parents’ status in the religion. You can teach skills that will make a child more likeable, but helping them attain status is trickier. By encouraging them to focus on what they can control, including being kind, you’ll increase the odds that they land the right friends.

Turn outward to find new friends and activities.
There’s a primal social impulse to be part of the pack, but children thrive when they think less about themselves and more about others. If your daughter comes home and says, ‘No one likes me’ or ‘Everyone is walking to lunch without me,’ turn the tables. Encourage them to invite that new student to lunch or to tutor a younger student. When kids transcend the self, they feel empowered and confident. Engaging in something bigger than themselves also helps them stop ruminating about unreturned Snapchats or their social position.

Cultivate good matches.
The unspoken rule of adolescence is that you’re supposed to interact with the people closest to you in the social hierarchy. The culture may value physical attractiveness or athletic ability, but your child may thrive in a setting that values academic achievement or community service. Look for activities that align with your child’s interests. Your child’s teachers and counsellors can suggest good friend matches, pair them on projects and reinforce social skills.

Teach them the skills they need to be more likeable.
Help struggling kids practise basic skills such as asking questions. Help them focus on connecting instead of impressing. Encourage children to identify common ground. If you’re talking about something that only pertains to you, it’s irrelevant to the friendship.  Are they wearing a shirt from a music group you like? Did they watch the same football game last night?

Some children may not know how to join a conversation. Show them how to slide into action without interrupting, and match the emotional tone of the group. When we look at videos of children who end up being the most liked, they listen to others and try to build on and shape what they’re doing instead of saying ‘No, that’s stupid, let’s do it this way’.

Learn from children who change often.
Children from some business families may move several times during their school years. Other students can learn from their openness. They may be more likely to approach a stranger in a crowded common room or to appreciate positivity over status. These children have figured out what works for them. They’re not trying to find a forever friend or a best friend. There’s a freedom to take risks on new friendships when you live in the moment. When the goal is to befriend people who are nice, the burden of popularity is lifted.

The best antidote to craving the wrong friends is finding the right ones and parents can help by offering transport or making their home welcoming.

Acknowledgement: Seven steps parents can take to ensure kids work for the right kind of popularity by Phyllis Fagell.

Mrs Jo Matherson
Deputy Principal

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Ideas explosion

3 August 2018

At Glennie, our IdeasPLUS@Glennie program provides a range of academic opportunities for Junior Years girls. Throughout the year we conduct Excellence Workshops, the High-Performance Program (in which all girls participate), Science and Maths workshops, and various academic competitions.  This year we added another experience to the IdeasPLUS@Glennie suite: IdeasPLUS@Glennie Year Level Workshops.

All girls and their teachers participated in an IdeasPLUS@Glennie Year Level Workshop. The philosophy of the Year Level Workshops is aligned to that of the Excellence Workshops.  Through participation in the IdeasPLUS@Glennie Year Level Workshop, the girls enjoyed:

  • spending time exploring a complex topic in depth
  • investigating an area of interest
  • participating in challenging activities
  • sharing her ideas and thoughts in a positive, stimulating environment

The workshops were held on Wednesday 18, Thursday 19 and Friday 20 July in the Glennie Science Building on the MSY campus.

The workshops were conducted by Mr Dan Cook from Maker Workshop, in Brisbane. Throughout the workshops, a range of topics was explored. There was barefoot coding, science workshops and coding with Arduino. The upper primary students will also participate in activities related to developing memory skills.

Click here to view the highlights video

Click here to view the photo galleries

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