A message from the Principal

9 November 2018

Congratulations to all the Year 11 students who have been appointed to the positions of up Captain and Vice-Captain on Glennie committees for 2019:

Boarding:  Erin Geddes (Captain), Lila Vincent (Vice-Captain)
Academic:  Thedini Pinidiyapathirage (Captain), Sofie Halfpenny (Vice-Captain)
Arts:  Jessica Rutledge (Captain), Alice Armytage (Vice-Captain)
Chapel:  Nikhitha Jacob (Captain), Madison Draheim (Vice-Captain)
Student Welfare Committee:  Mya Watkins (Captain), Saburi Chavan (Vice-Captain)
Interact:  Katie Chicalas (Captain), Georgia Ditchfield (Vice-Captain)
Sport:  Lily Black (Captain), Sophie Hilliar (Vice-Captain)
Donaldson:  Eloise Innes (Captain), Georgia Applebee (Vice-Captain)
Hale:  Emily Waters (Captain), Jessica Black (Vice-Captain)
Tufnell:  Torwen Eerkens (Captain), Ella White (Vice-Captain)
Webber:  Sarah-Jane Coggan (Captain), Isabella Murphy (Vice-Captain)

Last week I wrote about how to help you daughter deal with their emotions when they don't receive the prize/leadership position that they were hoping for. I said that it is important to learn to cope productively with disappointment because it’s an important skill that underpins a sense of wellbeing. This week I would like to expand on this topic as Year 11 have now finalised the process of selecting the School leaders for 2019.

He process, and outcome, can be particularly stressful for our Year 11s and thus their parents, and it is more important than ever that we are teaching our girls how to deal with disappointment in a positive way.

We regularly refer to the research of Carol Dweck when speaking about dealing with failure, or rather, what is perceived as failure. Dweck highlights the opportunities of not getting what you want, or believe that you are entitled to or have worked for. She talks about using these opportunities as learning experiences, to be approached with a growth mindset and to determine what can be gleaned for the next time. To give up by taking on an attitude of, ‘What’s the point?’ only weakens us as humans and makes the next ‘failure’ even more disappointing.

I love this quote by Wilma Rudolph, who sums it up so well:

Winning is great, sure, but if you are really going to do something in life, the secret is learning how to lose. Nobody goes undefeated all the time. If you can pick up after a crushing defeat, and go on to win again, you are going to be a champion one day.

How true this statement is …’nobody goes undefeated all the time’, and what better place to learn how to cope with ‘defeat’ than during your childhood and adolescence when you have your parents and teachers to support you through it. Note, that the term ‘support’ does not mean rushing in to make it all better or make the problem go away. Rather, in this context, it means allowing your daughter to work through her emotions, helping her to understand why this has happened and, possibly most importantly, not permitting her to embrace the culture of blame that is so evident in our society. She needs to understand that not getting what her heart most desires, after preparing for weeks or years and not being selected for a leadership position, training for months and not being chosen for a team, spending days on an assignment only to find that she has not fulfilled the criteria, having a friend move to a different group … all of this has a name, it’s called LIFE.

You must make a decision that you are going to move on. It won’t happen automatically. You will have to rise up and say, ‘I don’t care how hard this is, I don’t care how disappointed I am, I’m not going to let this get the best of me. I’m moving on with my life.”    Joel Olsteen                                                                                                              

Mrs Kim Cohen

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A message from the Dean of Students

9 November 2018

Our annual outdoor education program for Middle Years students is a highlight for many students and a valuable opportunity for girls to step outside of their comfort zone, find the courage to build new skills and develop resilience. The Year 7 - 9 camps at Maroon, Burleigh Heads and Numinbah Valley will continue in 2019 in Week 9 of Term 1; however, the Toowoomba Show Holiday falls during this week. We have tried to change the dates of the camps but had little success due to their popularity. Because we have developed a specific, age-appropriate program to benefit all students, our expectation is that all students in Years 7 to 9 will attend camp in 2019. Learning in the outdoors and connecting with peers, teachers and the natural environment is such a worthwhile experience.

Mrs Jodi Blades
Dean of Students

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Seniors take their final leap

9 November 2018

After a busy week of exams, our piggy tail adorned Seniors jumped in the Glennie pool for their last time with parents, siblings and staff there to witness the occasion. Afterwards Seniors were joined by their friends on the lawns for lots of very soggy hugs and tears.

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A message from the Chaplain

9 November 2018

Over the last 2 weeks in Chapel we have been thinking about the Habit of Heart; Being Generous. Our Glennie community has been very generous this year supporting many different special days and charitable organisations. Our final drive for the year is to support the St Luke’s pantry with non-perishable food donations to give to those in need over the Christmas and holiday period. Donations of pantry staple items like cereals, tinned meals, tuna, ham and juice are always appreciated. Adding a Christmas treat or two is also wonderful at this time of year. Single serve plum puddings and christmas cakes, and individually wrapped bags of chocolates are easy ways for the pantry to add something special for those who would otherwise go without. Donations from the Junior Years will be collected at the Carol Service on Sunday 24 November. Please place your goods near the Christmas tree as you arrive. Donations from the Middle and Senior Years can be collected in Tutor classrooms or brought directly to my office.

Thank you again for the generous ways in which you have supported all our fundraising events this year.

Remembrance Day

Today we gathered as a whole school community to commemorate Remembrance Day. We reflected on the significance of the 100th anniversary of the end of World War 1 and honoured those who have served our nation in times of war. We also acknowledged the part The Glennie School played in World War 2.

In 1942 the Australian Army requisitioned sections of our school to establish a General Hospital and later a specialised Orthopaedic Hospital. There are many stories from our Old Girls about trenches dug in the grounds to run to in case of attack and the students taking over duties from the domestic staff as they volunteered for war service. Glennie girls also contributed to the war effort through knitting socks and scarves for the service personnel overseas and making camouflage nets.

Many, many Glennie Old Girls served our country selflessly during World War 2 and in other wars since. It is important on occasions like today for us to recognise their accomplishments and I would like to share with you the service of just 3 of these remarkable women.

Sheila Kirk served for 7yrs in the Australian Army Nursing Service in Egypt and Palestine. She returned to Glennie became Deputy Matron of the 1st Australian Orthopaedic Hospital and subsequently Deputy Matron of Glennie Hospital.

Joan Fletcher served in the Middle East, in Victoria and at the Red Cross unit attached to the United Nations Relief and Rehabilitation Administration in Greece.

Gwen Dowling joined the reserve nursing service in 1939. She served in France and was evacuated after the battle of Dunkirk. She then served in India and Malaya and was again evacuated from Singapore when her ship was torpedoed off Pong Pong Island, she was one of a small number rescued and taken to Sumatra. Gwen continued to serve as a nurse in India until 1945 when she transferred to Scotland and finally returned to Australia in 1946.

As part of our commemoration, we also present the finished panels of our Poppy Project. The Flanders poppy has long been a part of Remembrance Day. During the First World War, red poppies were among the first plants to spring up in the devastated battlefields of northern France and Belgium. In 1915 the sight of poppies at Ypres moved Lieutenant Colonel John McCrae to write the poem, In Flanders Fields. Moina Michael just before the Armistice in 1918 read McCrae’s poem and was so moved that she wrote a poem in response and decided to wear a red poppy always as a way of keeping faith, as McCrae had urged in his poem. Thus began the tradition of wearing a poppy as a symbol of remembrance.

The poppies on display today are a result of many months of hard work and bring to fruition a vision of past staff member, Tina Tilden, who not only wanted to honour the 100th anniversary of the Armistice but to honour the 100 years of the Glennie Old Girls Association and the significant contribution Glennie and Glennie girls have made to our nation’s history. Each poppy has been lovingly created by members of the Glennie community and brought together in this magnificent display. Thank you to each and every person who has contributed to our poppy project, whether through providing wool and buttons, knitting, crocheting, sewing or helping to complete the display. Mrs Cohen officially presented the Poppy Project - the panels hanging from the verandah under the clock tower. They will be transferred to St Luke’s Church this afternoon to be included in the commemorations there on Sunday morning. There will be a Eucharist service at 8:00 am and a Remembrance Day service at 11:00 am.

The Glennie Singers sang a beautiful version of In Flanders Fields and GOGA president Mrs Linda Lester read Moina Michael’s poem in response.

Today we remember, pay our respects and honour all those who have died in war in order that we are able to live in peace. Our duty and responsibility is to do all we can to ensure that war on the scale of World War 1 and 2 never happens again. We do that through being informed and engaged global citizens. Speaking out against injustices, voting responsibly in elections and keeping our leaders accountable for the decisions they make.

God desires that all people live peacefully with one another. Jesus gives us the best example of how we are to do this: to love our neighbours as ourselves; to be accepting of and celebrate the wonderful diversity of peoples in our world and to open our hearts to care for one another.

As we remember this day, may we all strive to do these things here at Glennie, in our local communities and across the world.

Thank you to everyone who contributed to today’s service: Mr Finlay on trumpet, The Glennie Singers, Mrs Vicky Bravery, Mrs Elizabeth Gordon, our cadet unit, speakers, the Development Office Staff, Music Department, IT and Grounds staff.

Revd Sharon Baird

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Congratulations Sandra

9 November 2018

On Monday, Sandra Miller (Year 9), was presented her Empire Theatre Bursary certificate at the Youth Bursary ceremony held at the Armitage Centre. As one of 25 recipients, Sandra was recognised for her outstanding talent in this area of the Performing Arts and also for her capacity to see Drama as a vehicle of change and playwriting as an opportunity to tell remarkable stories.

As a deserved recipient, Sandra has been offered a place in the Queensland Theatre Company’s Residency week held during September, 2019.

Sandra has had an extraordinary year in this field of The Arts. She received an A+ for her in-class Drama performance assessment, was selected into and performed with remarkable strength in the auditioned Senior Impact Theatre group at the Empire Theatre, achieved two firsts, a second and a Highly Commended in the 2018 Speech & Drama Eisteddfod and has recently been given a role in the Schools 2019 Musical Legally Blonde.

Not only do we congratulate Sandra, but we look forward to being an audience to her dramatic work in the future and especially after participating in this incredible Theatre course.

Mrs Kaye Broadfoot
Middle and Senior Years Teacher

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Italian Treasures - 2019

9 November 2018

The Social Science Department has organised an exciting enrichment and educational travel opportunity for our students in Years 9 to 12 in 2019. We would like to offer you and your daughter the chance to spend the September and October holidays visiting Italy.

Our Italian Treasures Tour offers each of us the prospect to explore the rich history, culture, art, architecture, food and natural beauty of these extraordinary destinations.

Some highlights:

  • The Eternal City, Rome (Colosseum, Roman Forum, Pantheon, Trevi Fountain, Spanish Steps)
  • The Vatican City (Vatican Museums, the Sistine Chapel, St. Peter’s Basilica and Square)
  • Tivoli – Villa Adrianna (Summer Palace of the Emperor Hadrian) and Villa d’Este (Astounding Renaissance water feature garden)
  • Montecassino Abbey (Destroyed during World War II and rebuilt)
  • Herculaneum and Villa Oplontis (Destroyed by Mt. Vesuvius, remarkable archaeology)
  • Naples, the thriving heart of Southern Italy
  • Sublime Sorrento
  • The extraordinary Amalfi Coast
  • The magnificent island of Capri
  • Assisi – Saints Francis and Clare along with the magical Umbrian countryside
  • Tuscan splendours in Siena and San Gimignano
  • The majesty of Florence (Uffizi Gallery and Accademia)
  • Ravenna (Stunningly beautiful Ancient Byzantine Mosaics)
  • La Serenissima, serene Venice, a city like no other (St Mark’s Basilica and Square, the Doges Palace and views from atop of the belltower)
  • Padua (One of oldest and most remarkable cities in Northern Italy)
  • Verona (Made famous in Romeo and Juliet and by the well preserved Roman amphitheatre)
  • The Italian beauty of Lake Garda
  • Magical Milan (Shop in the Galleria, visit La Scala, arguably the world’s premier opera house and theatre and other highlights)

We will have the chance to learn much more about the people and culture of this remarkable country.  Whilst we aim to utilise our time touring, there will also be plenty of opportunities to relax and enjoy the experiences of travel, including shopping and taking in La Dolce Vita, the good life.

People interested are encouraged to indicate this on the Expression of Interest Form. Please return this form to Mr Duffin at school by Monday 3 December 2018. Deposits will be due in early February.

If you are interested and would like more information please contact Mr Leigh Duffin by phone on 07 4688 8821 (w) or via email duffinl@glennie.qld.edu.au.

Mr Leigh Duffin
Head of Department – Senior Years Social Science
Tour Co-ordinator

Click here to download a Brochure, Introduction Letter, Travel Tour links and Expression of Interest form.

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ALIA State Manager visits Glennie

9 November 2018

This week, The Glennie School received a visit from Mr James Nicholson, Queensland State Manager of ALIA. The Australian Library and Information Association (ALIA) is the peak advocacy body for libraries across a range of sectors. Mr Nicholson is pictured centre, in the company of Junior Years Teacher Librarian Mrs Marie Miegel, and School Librarian Anthony Letizia.

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Kirsty Lee shares the sisterhood of Hip Hop

9 November 2018

Year 10 students who have commenced their Year 11 Dance curriculum have been studying the way dance makes meaning in different contexts across different dance styles. The students have been learning a Commercial Hip Hop routine by prominent local artist Kirsty Lee.  It explores the sisterhood of women; who we are as individuals and how we can support one another. They will perform this dance for their first piece of assessment under the new curriculum. Enjoy some photos from their choreography session with Kirsty Lee and also snippets of them in action.

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Celebrating Staff

9 November 2018

In 2018 The Glennie School appointed Ms Alison Bedford to the role of Data Analyst, IT Professional Development Coordinator to oversee the implementation of an analytics package (Seqta Analyse) and foster teacher engagement with data to improve student outcomes. With support from Independent Schools Queensland (ISQ), Ms Bedford has developed an Educational Data Plan to support teachers to implement many of the goals outlined in the school’s Strategic Plan - 2018-2020. This plan was presented at the recent ISQ Educational Data Symposium, and builds upon the strong practices already present in the Junior Years.

Adopting a data-informed approach to curriculum and pedagogy will enable teachers to make decisions about pedagogy in a more informed and purposeful way. The increased use of data will also facilitate more purposeful professional interactions as teachers work to identify student skills that need further development; implement, measure and reflect upon evidence-based pedagogical practices and better align learning experiences and outcomes within and across cohorts of students.

The presentation was well received and other schools have expressed great interest in learning more about our innovative approaches to tracking student progress and wellbeing.

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Emu Gully Day Camp

9 November 2018

Today, our Year Fives travelled to Emu Gully at Helidon for the last day of their ‘camp’ experiences for 2018. This day was planned around the theme of leadership; watching the girls build teams and participate in challenge by choice activities with their teachers and leaders. The ANZAC themes were explored appropriately during the day as the rest of the school commemorated Remembrance Day at school. There will be photos in next week’s enews.

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Kindergarten Playday

9 November 2018

Saturday’s Play day was very successful, with many boys and girls joining with their parents at the Kindergarten for a morning of fun. Parents met with teachers and staff to work through the requirements for 2019. We are looking forward to welcoming our new parents to the Glennie Kindergarten next year.  Please remember to return your forms to the Kindergarten once you have had the Emergency contacts sign them.

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Poetry Slam

9 November 2018

The Poetry Slam was wonderfully entertaining!  So many very talented girls from all year levels participated, and the standard was very high.  Thank you to our judges who chose the following winners:

Year 1 and 2: Shashaa Logitharan

Year 3 and 4: Amëlie Zahra (runner-up Lindsay James)

Year 5 and 6: Bailey Crisp (runner-up Kate Roper)

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A Simmons House colourful cake farewell

9 November 2018

There were celebrations all round with rainbow cake in Simmons House on Wednesday night for Year 12s and staff.  Thank you Mrs Ash.

Click here to view the photo gallery. 

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Eye Spy Glennie in the Media

9 November 2018

Did you spot these stories in the Media?

  • Jessica Rowe (Year 8) appeared in The Chronicle:  Golden throw by Rowe books spot at Nationals
  • Bianca Markham (Year 7) appeared in The Chronicle:  Softballers set for state debut

If you spot a story about a current Glennie girl or Glennie Old Girl in the media, we would appreciate your sharing of the story with us. Kindly forward the story via email to development@glennie.qld.edu.au.

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This week in boarding

9 November 2018

Over the past few months, I have had the privilege of meeting many of the students and families of The Glennie School community.  I have felt welcomed by the support and encouragement that has been extended to me, and am especially glad to be able to spend the next few weeks working alongside Mrs Val Lovell in the handover phase.

As I enthusiastically await the beginning of 2019, I thought it might be a good opportunity to share what I hope to bring to The Glennie (boarding) community and how the Boarding team hope to support the school in giving your daughters opportunities to be “All She Can Be”. These ideas have been suggested as ways to continue to foster the School values of respect; compassion; courage and integrity, highlighting the essence of a Glennie School Boarding experience.

Boarding Committee

Firstly, it is a pleasure to welcome in our newly appointed boarding committee for 2019.  I am delighted to be working with these capable and enthusiastic young people.

We have already had some opportunities to discuss ideas and talk about some key projects for 2019.  These projects all aim to keep our boarding community healthy, strong and connected and include:

Afternoon Activities

From Monday to Thursday, students in Brown will participate in planned afternoon activities aimed at encouraging socialisation in a Tech-free environment. These activities will be for all students who are not involved in other pre-arranged sports training and/or extra-curricular activities, and Dowson House students are welcome to join in.

The activity ideas suggested so far offer a great variety of health and wellbeing, social justice and enrichment options. Shopping will still feature, alongside these exciting choices on offer in Term 1: Reading Club, First Aid Awareness, Team Building and Lateral Thinking, Craft, Tennis, Laurel Bank Park walks, Scavenger Hunt, Cooking, Gardening, Social Justice Awareness, Basic Car Mechanics, Giant Board Games, Nerf Wars, My Kitchen Rules Competition and a variety of sports.  Boarding committee members will assist in the running of these activities and each term we will offer a different scope of activities.

Friday Night Dinner

Another Term 1 initiative is celebrating the end of the week with Friday Night Dinner. We plan on making this an important evening for students who are not out on leave, holding dinner in the form of a BBQ or other arrangements at venues outside of the dining hall.  Dinner may be followed by some evening activities such as an outdoor movie or talent competitions. I see this as an integral part of building rapport and boarding spirit, allowing the girls to mix within the different houses. You never know – we may even have some special guests attending to share stories and adventures. I am really looking forward to making our Friday nights a social evening together.

Academic Prep/Structured Study

The upstairs common room in Brown House is being turned into a “Collaborative Learning Space” to support girls in developing good study habits in the Middle Years. This area will be full of resources and have academic staff on hand to assist with Prep. Students can work collaboratively with staff to work on assignment, homework and drafting tasks. Year 8 students can remain in their roomettes for private study, however, are also encouraged to access the Learning Space for assistance.

Dowson will also have a communal study space with access to a tutor to assist with Prep. Students that may need help or advice on homework and assessment will be able to discuss their work with a tutor. Developing good study habits is crucial for academic success, especially as the curriculum becomes more rigorous. To ensure this is happening, we will be asking the girls to be sitting at their desk with their doors open during Prep time to allow the opportunity for staff to check-in on their progress.

Show Stoppers

Under the guidance and direction of Mrs Gayle Ash, 2019 will see the launch of “Show Stoppers”. This is an exciting initiative that will see students entering their work in sections of Rural Show competitions. Our girls have fantastic talents to display and we want them to support their local communities by sending in some of their work. This could include entries in craft, cooking, horticulture and art divisions. We would value any support parents can provide for this program, especially in assisting us to get entries to the right venues. Our girls show great pride in their local communities, and we hope this will give them the chance to feel connected to home. If you have any ideas, or would like to assist in this venture, please let us know; all offers will be accepted and appreciated.


There is nothing like reading a book to help you unwind from a busy day.  There is strong evidence that reading for pleasure can increase empathy, improve relationships with others, reduce symptoms of depression, and improve well-being throughout life (The Reading Agency). Brown House is introducing a mandatory reading time before bedtime and lights out each evening. For the younger students, there will be the opportunity to have a book read to them while they sit and relax on a comfortable bean bag. Or if students wish, they can read in their roomettes.  Just 15 minutes each night will not only improve literacy skills, but will also help to settle and relax the girls as they prepare for a good night’s sleep.

These are just a small handful of the exciting initiatives we are undertaking in the boarding community. Working together to maintain a positive environment that fosters academic, social and personal growth is one of my key goals for 2019.

Mrs Donna Grant
Head of Boarding 2019

*Absent from Boarding Committee photo:  Erin Geddes and Sophia Mene

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Camilla completes New York Marathon

9 November 2018

Camilla Bazley (GOG 2006) was heavily involved in swimming during her time at Glennie representing the School throughout her five years and as Captain of Swimming and Vice-Captain of Webber.  On leaving school, Camilla completed a course in Personal Training and worked at Breathe Gym here in Toowoomba making her way to the position of Director of Fitness responsible for all Personal Trainers.

In 2014 she moved to Sydney to manage a gym in Bondi.  She continued to build her personal training profile both nationally and internationally.  This year Camilla has experienced resounding success with articles being published in the Sydney Daily Telegraph, Women’s Health, Body and Soul and Nine.com.au to name a few.  She is also an ambassador for Speedo.

Twelve months ago, she and a business colleague were granted permission to take 50 Australian runners to compete in the New York Marathon.  Camilla and Ben worked with the 50 runners over the past year, preparing them for the marathon through their SOFA2NYC campaign.

52,704 runners competed in the 42.195km race which was run in the early hours of Monday (AEST) starting in Brooklyn travelling through Queens, the Bronx and finishing in Manhattan.  

Jenny Bazley

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The Arts Showcase 2018

9 November 2018

The JY and MSY Performing Arts Showcases, held last Sunday, were a wonderful opportunity to share and celebrate the growth and achievements of our truly talented girls. The night was a culmination of hard work and commitment by the girls, their parents and the Performing Arts faculty over the past year. We were all proud that the events were such a highlight and the buzz created will inspire us to aim even higher in 2019!

Congratulations to all the girls who won an award or performed on the night. Special congratulations to our Major prize winners:

Most Valuable Contribution to Junior Years Arts: Dulini Dewage 

Bronte Graham award for Drama - Georgia Meise
Perinet Prize for Artist of the Year - Sarah-Jane Coggan
Harley Mead Perpetual trophy for Excellence in Composition - Selinca Lincoln 
Bonnie Cooke award for Music - Isabella Morgan

Click here to view the photo gallery.

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Big Band bids farewell to Year 12s

9 November 2018

It has been an incredibly successful year for The Glennie Big Band. We morphed into The Glennie Jazz Orchestra for our Music Tour to Sydney in July where we won Gold at the Australian International Music Festival. The weather hasn’t been that kind to us at all times throughout the year, so we had to cancel our Walton Stores appearance in August. But on Friday, 2 November, Big Band celebrated its tradition of presenting the final rehearsal with Year 12 students outside under the trees, entertaining students and staff as they arrived at School. Well done and thank you to Olivia Raccanello, Georgina Dummett, Shannon Rush, Rhianna McKechnie, Rachel Hall and Jessica Page for their outstanding commitment to this ensemble and we wish them all of the best for the future.

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Year 7 Arts Showcase

9 November 2018

On Tuesday all Year 7 students were involved in the Year 7 Arts Showcase in Manning Theatre. Each student chose to revisit a task from their studies in Dance Drama and Music during terms 1, 2, or 3.  Overall, it was an outstanding day with a very high quality of performance on offer that allowed each student to celebrate their abilities in the Arts at Glennie. Well done to all the girls involved.

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Jess Hall’s Woodwind Trio “Trio Viente’ comes to Glennie

9 November 2018

On Thursday, 9 November, Jess Hall Glennie Old Girl and sister of our School Captain, Rachel Hall, visited the 11A Music class with her friends to present a workshop on Performance Preparation. Jess and her trio ‘Trio Viente’, have just finished their Bachelor of Music at the Conservatorium of Music in Brisbane. During the workshop, they were able to share their experiences and offer their considerable talents and insight into the field of performance preparation and practice. The trio finished with a short concert at morning tea that was open to all students. This performance was a fantastic opportunity for 11A and not only did they have an enjoyable morning, but they also learnt many valuable skills ideas for coping with nerves and understanding performance.  

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Jazz Ensemble performing at Grammar’s Battle of the Bands

9 November 2018

The Glennie Jazz Ensemble will perform at Toowoomba Grammar’s Battle of the Bands Competition on Friday night. The girls are very excited to perform and compete against other bands from around the downs and show everyone that girls make the best music. If you would like to attend and support the girls, the show starts at 7pm. You won’t miss Jazz Ensemble as they promise to provide a high energy and exciting performance.

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What’s on in Sport?

9 November 2018

The final round of Knowles Cup Tennis is happening on Saturday, 10 November, with the B Grade Team the only Glennie Team qualifying for the Semi-Finals. If successful in their semi-final, the girls will compete in the Grand Final on Saturday afternoon. Games begin at 8:00 am at USQ Tennis Centre, Toowoomba.

The Glennie Campdrafting Team will make their debut on the weekend, competing on Saturday and Sunday at the Pittsworth Showgrounds.

On Tuesday,  13 November, the Rugby girls boot up again for another fun-filled afternoon of games. Games begin at 4:00 pm at Gold Park, Toowoomba. Also on Tuesday, several members of the Glennie Purple Waterpolo Team will be playing their last ever game for Glennie at 6:45 pm, while the Glennie Gold Team will be swimming off for the second last time this term at 7:55 pm.

Wednesday, 14 November sees the Under 16 Touch teams playing in the Junior Touch Competition, while on Thursday ,15 November the Grand Finals of Futsal will be on from 4:00 pm at Harristown State High School.

Friday, 16 November sees the Junior Touch competition continue, with Club G playing at Kearney Springs from 4:00 pm until 9:00 pm.

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Sports Awards

9 November 2018

Last Friday was a fantastic night to recognise the sporting achievements of Glennie girls in Junior, Middle and Senior Years. With over 120 girls being awarded for their commitment, enthusiasm and talent in their various sports, it is clear to see how Glennie is a force to be reckoned with on the sports field. The students were privileged to hear the very moving and inspiring story of Andrew Edmondson, an aspiring Rugby player who, at the age of 13, broke his neck. Andrew now plays Wheelchair Rugby for Australia.

Below is a list of students who received major awards:

The Lauren Potter Award for Excellence and Dedication: Anna Park

The Glennie P-6 Prize for Sportsmanship: Charlotte Collie

The Timothy Davies Memorial Trophy: Jessica Darcy

Cathryn Monz Award: Georgina Daniells

The McIntyre Trophy: Maddi Webber

The Katrina Sim Trophy: Erin Geddes

The Webster Family Trophy for Glennie School Sportsmanship: Matilda Parry-Okeden

The Mariners Trophy: Tori Gallegos

Callandoon Cup for Sportsmanship: Charlotte Lindemann

Katrina Kelly Award for Contribution to Sport: Abigail Schoorl

Team of the Year: Glennie Equestrian Team

Junior Years Head of Sport Award for Excellence: Andrews Cup Relay Team (Athletics)

The Head of Sport Award for Excellence: Jessica Rowe

The Glennie P-6 Sports Girls of the Year: Ruby Leicht and Bethany Casey

Junior Sportswoman of the Year: Zoe Waters

Senior Sportswoman of the Year: Abigail Schoorl

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P-1 Interhouse Swimming Carnival

9 November 2018

These little ones have made such great progress this year with so many of the girls making a length of the pool. It was great to see their determination and willingness to get to the end of the pool. It was a fun-filled morning and we hope that you managed to get lots of pictures of your daughter. At these levels we do not have house points and winners and losers. We are proud of all of their efforts and the competition aspect starts in Year 2.

Click here to view the photo gallery.


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Farewell Futsal Seniors

9 November 2018

This week we farewelled the Year 12 Futsal players after an energetic game. The final match pitted both Year 12 teams against each other and was especially significant for Kirralee Bronkhurst, Gemma Warburton and Ariana Ryan who have been playing together in the same team since Year 8.

All girls have shown great improvement and dedication to Futsal over the years. As a farewell gesture, each Year 12 student received a rose and chocolates.

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