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Dynamic opportunities in education.

– Developing individual potential. –

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Our vision is to develop in each Glennie girl the intellectual, physical and spiritual potential to be All She Can Be®.

Glennie girls are educated to the highest standards of which they are capable. In addition, Glennie girls are given the opportunities to develop their sporting and cultural talents through a rich, diverse and relevant extra-curricular program.

By achieving an understanding of their own spiritual dimension, Glennie girls will make a positive contribution to the world with a sense of their own worth and character, in addition to a well-developed sense of citizenship.

As well-skilled, well-rounded and well-grounded young people of excellent character and integrity, Glennie girls will be able to be all they can be.


As a community where tomorrow’s women learn, our mission is to provide girls with dynamic opportunities in education, training and personal growth which develop their individual potential and prepare them for life.

We incorporate traditional values within a caring, Christian environment, together with the best contemporary teaching methods and learning experiences.


The Glennie School’s educational philosophy recognises each Glennie girl as a unique person whose developmental needs are best met within a loving and inclusive community where she can find a sense of belonging and happiness as well as opportunities for fulfilment.

A Glennie education is holistic and seeks to help each girl to integrate her mental, physical, spiritual, social, and emotional dimensions.

The School encourages commitment to a sound work ethic, self-discipline and service, within the context of the Anglican faith and ethos.

Girls at Glennie are encouraged to follow a Christian way of life. The School endeavours to teach a set of moral and spiritual values, as well as traditional codes of behaviour, good manners and honesty above that generally exhibited in our society. The teaching of personal values seeks to make our students responsible and caring members of their communities.

Natural talents are developed through academic and practical learning. The acquisition of knowledge and skills develops independent and critical thinking necessary for further study, employment and personal welfare.

Our Values

Our four core values underpin all that we do and stand for as the Glennie community and are continually reinforced and practised in daily life.

Integrity: We are truthful and sincere. We ensure consistency between what we say and what we do, as well as between what we believe and how we behave.

Respect: We respect ourselves and treat others with courtesy, dignity and positive regard. We honour the rights of others. We respect our school, the environment and the world around us.

Compassion: We are sensitive to the needs of each individual. We support and nurture those less fortunate than ourselves. We treat each other as we wish to be treated ourselves.

Courage: We continue to strive to improve as individuals and we remain positive, resilient and forward-thinking, despite adversity or challenge. We know that perseverance, effort and a growth mindset can help us as individuals and as members of a team, for the benefit of ourselves and our community.

Strategic Plan

The Glennie School Strategic Plan 2018 to 2020 covers the key areas of empowered girls, enriched learning, passionate staff, connected community, and sustainable operations.  You can download a copy of the Strategic Plan here.  

Annual Theme 

Each year the Principal selects a theme for both staff and students to aspire to.  

The 2018 theme of 'Be Like A Girl' culminated in both Junior Years girls and Middle and Senior Years girls performing a song at their respective Speech Day ceremonies that encapsulated what the theme meant to the girls. You can view their performances here

The theme for 2019 was 'Be The Reason'.  A YouTube clip, 'Unsung Hero', illustrated what it could mean to 'be the reason' in the lives of others.

'Be So Good You Can't Be Ignored' was the theme for 2020. 

The theme for 2021 is 'Be Brave', encouraging everyone to be brave and authentic.

Archbishop's Message to Schools

The theme for the Archbishop’s Message to Schools for 2020 was ‘Being Together’.

This year there are two videos, one for Primary and one for Secondary students.

The purpose of these videos is to generate greater connectedness between School communities and the broader Church within Southern Queensland; and for School communities to support a particular theme or priority for the year as a faith in action or practical Christianity initiative.

Discover how our enriched learning program is tailored to meet the individual needs of each Glennie girl.