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Learning Extension


gms-1711089-inset-images24IdeasPLUS@Glennie is a Junior Years program that provides learning opportunities for girls who are demonstrating a very high ability in particular areas of the curriculum. We seek to recognise and value students with varied academic abilities and provide suitable programs for them. A series of extension workshops are held throughout the year; each workshop focusing on different intelligences.

The workshops are designed to be complex, abstract, challenging, interesting, hands-on, motivating and multi-disciplinary.

Around 30% of the Junior Years school population might be offered places in at least one workshop. Topics for workshops can include visual art, robotics, creative writing, maths in art and nature and science.

Junior Years Art Program

In Junior Years, the Art program is a key component of students unlocking their creative potential. In a stimulating, vibrant environment, girls participate in regular classes to develop their artistic skills and talents. Girls from Kindergarten to Year 6 create artworks in a range of media and exhibit their work in a variety of ways, both within the school and in the community.