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Ms Tonia Gloudemans

Deputy Principal - Head of Curriculum

How many years have you been teaching?
25 years

Which subject/s do you teach?
Legal Studies
Modern History

What qualifications do you hold?
B.A, B.Ed. (Hons), M.Ed (Leadership)

Which other subject areas are you interested in? 
Social Science

Why are you passionate about girls education?
Girls education offers girls the greatest chance to ignore stereotypes, develop strong self-worth and grow in confidence, show fewer inhibitions and take more positive risks.

What sets Glennie apart from the other schools?
Glennie is “Hi-Tech, Hi-Touch”. We have outstanding teachers and support staff, offer future-focused educational programs and practices, and apply personalised approaches to teaching, learning and pastoral care.

What is something others may not know about you?
Although I enjoy playing softball (and have done so for more than 30 years), it is not actually the game itself that inspires me. It's the feeling I get from the diamond before the game - the grass, the bases, the foul ball lines on the infield and the outfield field, the pitching mound, the dugout and the home run fence. It's so big, so empty and so silent - and at that moment the possibilities are endless. When I’m on the field I think about what’s possible. It is, in essence, a place of opportunity and potential. You are not defined by what happened in the last game or last week. You are not what people say, or what they think of you, or what you were like last season – you are who you chose to be today. You have the freedom and the choice to build on yesterday’s successes or to put its failures or mistakes behind you and start again. You just have to imagine it.

What excites you about teaching?
Building pathways, structures and staff and student capacity to support students to achieve their potential.

What do you think the future of teaching looks like?
Teaching will continue to extend well beyond the classroom to suit students' needs and interests and it will become a very personalised experience for all. To support students to navigate the 21st century, teachers will be empowering students to take risks and be innovative by focusing on inquiry-based learning, collaboration, co-creation and real-life problem-solving.