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Mrs Kate Harris

Head of Junior Years

How many years have you been teaching?
26 years

Which subject/s do you teach?
Early Childhood

What qualifications do you hold?
Bachelor of Teaching (Special Ed)
Bachelor of Education (Early Childhood)

Which other subject areas are you interested in? 
The teaching of reading.

Why are you passionate about girls education?
I am passionate about encouraging girls to be brave and curious about the world around them. Ensuring they are in a position to speak up with strong voices and navigating their world with inner strength and grace.

What sets Glennie apart from the other schools?
Glennie has a strong culture of respect and tradition while recognising the modern world and the challenges our girls face. Our teachers show true care and concern with rigorous teaching to prepare our girls for a bright future.

What is something others may not know about you?
I absolutely love being near water. Living away from the coast means that every holiday I travel near and far to be near water. The ocean soothes my soul.

What excites you about teaching?
Teaching is not a job but a vocation. As a teacher, you connect with children and create belonging. You inspire and are inspired. Your to-do list is never complete and the day is always changing but when a child triumphs and feels a sense of achievement, you have the opportunity to walk the path of discovery with them.

What do you think the future of teaching looks like?
The future of teaching is challenging and exciting. Navigating this future requires a strong skill set of collaboration and inquiry. To face the future, our girls need to be taught how to develop thinking skills through the exploration of reasoning, processing and inquiry-based learning opportunities. Opportunities need to be planned to enable engagement in rich and challenging environments that supports the unique development of all our children.

What are your professional achievements and roles?
I have taught in many schools - rural, remote and city schools. I am passionate about Early Childhood and creating solid social, emotional, spiritual and intellectual foundations for children.