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Mrs Jaye Griffiths

Junior Years Teacher

How many years have you been teaching?
10 years, 14 years in early childhood prior to school

Which subject/s do you teach?

What qualifications do you hold?
Bachelor of Early Childhood Education

Which other subject areas are you interested in? 
All subjects are of interest

Why are you passionate about girls education?
I feel passionate about educating girls to be independent and empowered now and into the future.

What sets Glennie apart from the other schools?
Our nurturing and supportive environment that caters for the individual's needs in all areas of their development.

What is something others may not know about you?
I am addicted to reading autobiographies.

What excites you about teaching?
Igniting a passion for learning about anything and everything.

What do you think the future of teaching looks like?
A future where students continue to make even more decisions that direct their learning path.

What are your professional achievements and roles?
University Lecturer
Classroom Teacher Prep to Year 7
Director of Early Childhood in a variety of settings