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Mrs Deirdre Sinnamon

Senior Years Social Sciences/Business, Teacher

How many years have you been teaching?
35 years

Which subject/s do you teach?
All Business subjects
Legal Studies

What qualifications do you hold?
B Comm
BA (Creative)
Grad Dip Ed

Which other subject areas are you interested in? 
Modern and Ancient History

Why are you passionate about girls education?
Extensive research reveals that education in a single-sex environment allows girls to feel empowered to behave in a more competitive way, to grow in confidence and to be more confident and assertive.

What sets Glennie apart from the other schools?
Our 21st century educational programs are second to none. Our core values of integrity, respect, compassion and courage are on display daily in every area of our school. The warm and friendly "good morning" greetings to the "thank you" at the ends of lessons are a tradition at our school. There is a real sense of enthusiasm and joy brought by each and every student to all facets of school life.

What excites you about teaching?
Having the opportunity to make a positive contribution to the lives of each and every student. Along with this opportunity, however, comes a huge responsibility to ensure that this opportunity is never taken for granted.

What do you think the future of teaching looks like?
Although the method of delivery for the curriculum may change, teaching will always play a vital role in supporting students to develop all the skills they will need as they make their way in the world, confident, flexible and able to contribute to the betterment of the society in which they live.

What are your professional achievements and roles?
Acting Head of Department - Senior Years Social Sciences