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Mrs Crystal Hede

Head of Operations - Teacher

How many years have you been teaching?
16 years

Which subject/s do you teach?
Health and Physical Education
Personal Development

What qualifications do you hold?
Bachelor of Applied Science (Human Movement)
Bachelor of Education (Secondary)

Which other subject areas are you interested in? 

Why are you passionate about girls education?
Glennie opens the minds of its girls to a world of possibilities and careers that they may never have imagined or thought possible. As our girls celebrate the achievements of older students graduating before them, they become more and more inspired to make those stories their own. Every girl is championed to develop skills and competencies that can allow her to do whatever she sets her heart on. This strong foundation of support allows self-belief and self-efficacy to flourish. Glennie graduates work all around the world and in a multitude of industries that continue to defy gender stereotypes.

What sets Glennie apart from the other schools?
When a girl puts on the Glennie uniform, she becomes a guardian of something special - a rich 112-year heritage that acts to shape her values and life trajectory. A Glennie Old Girl myself, I believe that Glennie gave me three gifts; it taught me to have determination, it taught me to have aspirations and it gave me a strong moral compass.
All of my experiences, be them boarding, sporting, academic or spiritual, gave me a toolkit of values that I could take with me through life. These values are exemplified in the school prayer and represent what our school’s founder, Archdeacon Benjamin Glennie, would have wanted for those in Glennie’s care:
- 'to give and not to count the cost' refers to the values of kindness, generosity and selflessness
- 'to fight and not to heed the wounds' teaches us to stand up for what is right regardless of whether we stand to gain from it or not. To fight for what we believe in and to advocate for those without a voice
- 'to toil and not to seek for rest' suggests that we should always persist in the face of setbacks and to never shy away from a challenge
- 'to labour and not to ask for any reward' reminds us that we have to find motivation from within.
Put simply, at the core of a Glennie education is the development of good, kind, thinking citizens destined to make a positive contribution to the world.

What excites you about teaching?
Each time I walk into the classroom ready to teach, I am greeted by girls who are eager to embrace the activities I have planned. This is an incredibly energising and rewarding experience. I also love the incidental conversations throughout the school day and the chance to watch young girls turn into intelligent women over time. Schools are happy, healthy and vibrant settings to work in.

What do you think the future of teaching looks like?
Innovation will inevitably evolve the art and science of teaching but I believe some aspects will never change. Specifically, I believe relationships and connection will always be at the core. Positive and meaningful teacher-student and student-student interactions will continue to be one of, if not the most critical factor.

What are your professional achievements and roles?
Head of Operations (The Glennie School)
Head of Department - Health and Physical Education (The Glennie School)
Author (Oxford University Press) and writer (Quality Assessment Tasks Australia)
Qld Volleyball Coach and Elite Referee