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Year 8s secure third place in The Quest

One of the most anticipated academic competitions across continents, The Quest provides opportunities for creativity, problem-solving and teamwork, offering the level of challenge that fosters outstanding achievement.

For the first time, Glennie entered two gifted student teams including Year 7 students Mashal Imam, Stephanie Fernando and Dulini Dewage and Year 8 students Sophie Fleming, Mia Brown and Kristen Davies

The overarching theme was ‘Order of Randomness’.  On the first day, the teams learned as much as they could about Macbeth in order to respond to tasks on Challenge day in the areas of Humanities, Maths and Science.

In order to do well in The Quest, the Year 8 team used their creative, analytical and teamwork skills.  They also had to be able to listen, understand and explain each area of the Challenge. In the Humanities task, they impressed the judges with their modern-day court trial approach to interpreting Macbeth’s reasoning and synchronicity of his actions eventually citing he ended up a shell of a man.  Clever use of creative drawing and extract interpretation supported their success in this task. In Maths, the girls were tasked to create a board game using complex numbers and fractals. They created a travelling game with cards portraying algebraic expressions. Players then had to figure out the algebraic equation to unlock other parts of the game.  The first person to finish the fractal wins. In the Science task, as neuroscientists, the girls were challenged to create a simple yet effective way to teach neuroscience. For teachers, they used detail to explain Action Potential and the Chaos Theory in the brain. They used a visual approach for parents and found students would respond better with an interactive game.

Sophie, Mia and Kristen were awarded 3rd prize from all Darling Downs teams participating.  They will now progress to the State event at St Lucia in Brisbane and compete against schools statewide.  In the lead up to this competition, the girls will research further into their Humanities, Science and Maths topics, in  order to complete a series of more complex tasks.

In the Humanities task, Mashal, Stephanie and Dulini wrote a case on Macbeth determining whether his choices were that of free will or determined.  The team was placed 4th in this category. In Maths, the girls designed a game using fractals and complex numbers and they placed 2nd. In Science, the girls had to be 'neuroscientists' and created different things to teach parents, teachers and students about neurons.  Their 4th overall placing at this Challenge is amazing considering they were competing against older students and had no prior knowledge of Macbeth.

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