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Year 7s rise to camp challenges

Last week the Year 7’s braved the weather and headed out to Camp Kokoda at Maroon Dam for four days.  We were accompanied by Mrs Broadfoot, Miss Butenhoff, Mrs Kearney, Miss Lelion, Mrs Rollason, Mrs Waters, Mrs Watts and Miss Wright. The girls camped and hiked in their House groups and here are some of their reflections:

My time at camp Kokoda was by far one of the greatest experiences. It was a great four days and it didn't fail to impress me with all the engaging activities, the clear, safety briefings we received and an excellent camping opportunity. The most terrific thing, however, was that the team went above and beyond to challenge and support the students.  A huge thank you to the whole team at Kokoda because they made the time there amazing.  

Mashal Imam
Year 7, Webber House

Year 7 camp was lots of fun. We had many adventures; some even challenged us; like the steep hills or propelling ourselves into the air. We each shared our own experience; it was the first time going camping for some of us. My favourite activity was the Flying Fox. Working as a group was good and helped us all to learn teamwork skills; all the girls pushed each other to go beyond their limit. Thank you to all the teachers, we had a great time!

Molly Geddes
Year 7, Donaldson House

Our experience at camp was an excellent opportunity to meet new people, bond as a group and build our resilience, leadership skills and teamwork. Swinging through mid-air on the giant swing, canoeing in the waters of Maroon Dam and cooking our very own delicious meals were only a few of our remarkable highlights. Hale operated especially strongly together; we developed our teamwork and got to understand and know each other better. We became more patient and tolerant as we were with each other all the time.  We also learnt to trust each other because for the activities to work everyone had to ‘chip in’ to help make everyone's go memorable.

Abbie Lane and Matilda Burton
Year 7s, Hale House

We had a great time and embraced challenges, learnt valuable lessons and enjoyed some riddles around the fire each night. One of my camp highlights was the fun peg game where we had to try to peg each other with a clothes peg secretly. I also enjoyed canoeing and the flying fox. Some of the challenges for me were to do heights, for example, the giant swing and the high ropes. We learned to work as a team, and we built our team spirit. I feel that I know everyone in Tufnell better now. I had a brilliant time and would encourage the next grade, seven groups, to embrace this opportunity.

Dominique Wilkes
Year 7 Tufnell House

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