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Year 5 Camp Cooby

Last week, the Year 5s travelled to Camp Cooby for 3 days of outdoor education fun.  The girls participated in activities that challenged their thinking and developed their teamwork skills. Here are some of the highlights from camp:

  • My favourite thing on camp was the big rock climbing wall.  It was a good challenge for everyone. I think that everybody enjoyed it, no matter how far they got up.  It was great to see everyone cheering each other on.
  • Kate Rattray
  • I really liked the group activities.  We had to do a memory game. At the start, we weren’t really listening to each other, but then we got better at teamwork.
  • Charlee Pattinson
  • My favourite thing on camp was sleeping in tents.  When we got there, we got to build the tents. No-one could nail the pegs in! It was fun to sleep with my friends
  • Maya McGrath
  • I really liked the Glennie Amazing Race.  We had to use a map to find our way to activities and solve the problems using teamwork.  Some of the activities were creating a catapult and archery. It was a good way to get girls to work together.  
  • Xanthe Schubert

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