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Year 10 Health Students Investigate

The Year 10 Health students have been conducting an investigation into factors that contribute to optimal health and well-being. As part of their studies, they were tasked with maintaining full engagement in an activity for a period of 10 minutes. 

They painted under a tree in small groups and measured how long they were able to stay on task without their mind wandering or conversation going off-topic. The results from the groups were varied. Some groups reported lasting about two minutes before the conversation went off topic whilst others admitted to painting whilst their mind thought of other things for the majority of the 10 minutes. 

The girls found it interesting that it was challenging for them to maintain full absorption in a task for a short time. Part of their work now will be to decide whether increasing engagement in tasks is something that would improve their overall health and well-being and if so, devise a strategy to practice and enhance this dimension of their health. 

From the Health and Physical Education Department

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