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Year 10 English

Year 10 English class has completed their poetry unit and while we had many great poems submitted we thought we would share two poems that relate to today’s environment.

With social distancing now in place,
You’d think the walls would respect my space,
But every day they’re inching closer:
The relentless march of a soldier,
For now the house that I called home
Has become the primary battle zone
In a war against a virus
Who dictates life like a tyrant.

Hope, however, is far from lost,
We’ll win the fight at any cost
Armed with soap and common sense:
A flattened curve our foremost defence,
We will make it through these troubled times
And once again the sun will shine,
So everybody play your part
To win a war against a virus!

Emma Andersen
Year 10 Student

As the days go by, the towns grow dark,
No one in the streets, no kids in the park.
Two people are to be in a social space,
Businesses are shutting down all over the place.

Doctors who come home can’t hug their kids,
For fear of handing them the virus amidst.
They can’t take leave from their jobs or quit,
So stay home please, and do your bit!

Staying inside day in day out,
Is something we wish we could do without.
But isolation is a privilege still,
As many people do not have that will.

Chelsea Armstrong
Year 10 Student