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‘Trash to Treasure’ for the Technologies Department

'One man's trash is another man's treasure'....  so it goes! Proof of that is the work being done in the Technologies department in textile-based subjects this semester. 

The Year 10 Fashion students are recycling materials into jewellery and accessory items, Year 8 girls are sewing carry bags from about-to-be-discarded clothing and fabric and Year 7 girls are decorating their calico bags with bits and pieces of salvaged fabric and decorations. 

Do you have items at home which might become part of their creations?  Here are some ideas of things which might be useful to us: 

- fabric pieces, remnants
- knitting or crocheting wool or cotton
- clothing or household linen surplus to your needs
- buttons, zips, lanyards, curtain rings, beads
-old jewellery which could be disassembled
- leather remnants
- tools or equipment for jewellery or fabric (think, scissors, pinking shears, jewellery pliers)

We are up for the challenge!  Items can be delivered to the Home Economics room, Cafe G, or email Mrs Johns to organise for collection. 

Mrs Jillian Johns
Middle and Senior Years Teacher