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Toowoomba Show prizes for young artists

Glennie student art once again shone at the recent Toowoomba Show.  We applaud all students who submitted artworks and congratulate the following students on their prize-winning entries:

Division Two - Artwork

Pre-Prep Year - Black and White Picture

1st Janet Manibe
2nd Indiana March
3rd Linet Manibe

Prep - Colour Picture

1st Meredith Pienaar
3rd Aisha Singh
4th Alicia Morrissey

Prep - Black and White Picture

1st Eknoor Khehra
2nd Elsie McNee
3rd Alicia Morrissey

Year 1 - Colour Picture

1st Rafaella Allsopp
2nd Rafaella Allsopp
4th Rafaella Allsopp

Year 2 - Colour Picture

2nd Lorali Reese
3rd Elizabeth Thompson

Year 1 and 2 - Black and White Picture

1st Naomi Fisher
2nd Matilda Woodhouse
3rd Tayla Donovan

Year 4 - Colour Picture

1st Natalie Hockaday
3rd Zoe Wardle

Year 3 and 4 - Black and White Picture

1st Amélie Zahra
2nd Amelia DeClark
3rd Sofia Sheppard

Year 6  - Colour Picture

1st Ruby Leicht
2nd Rose McLoughlin
3rd Sophie Giesemann

Year 5 and 6 - Black & White Picture

1st Emily Statham
2nd Mashal Imam
4th Hayley Catlow
Highly Commended - Amélie Zahra
Highly Commended - Charlotte Townsing
Highly Commended - Dulini Dewage

Students with special needs

Ages 8 and 9 special needs

1st Ella Baker

Champion Primary School Picture of the Show
Emily Statham

Division Three - 3 Dimensional Artwork

Years 1 and 2 - Collage

1st Ira Kedilaya
2nd Molly Sedl
3rd Meg Statham
Highly Commended - Gisele Hede

Years 3 and 4 - Collage

1st Chloe Archinal
2nd Olivia Kemp
3rd Amelia DeClark
4th Xanthe Schubert
Highly Commended - Gisele Hede
Highly Commended - Sophia Hitchcock

Years 5 and 6 - Collage

1st Lydia Betts
3rd Megan Roper
Highly Commended - Reagan Wood

Champion Primary School Art - 3 Dimensional
Lydia Betts

Reserve Champion Primary School Art 3 Dimensional
Ira Kedilaya

Photos contributed by Mrs Cindy Ryan

Click here to view the photo gallery.