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Toowoomba Languages And Cultures Festival (1)

The idea of getting up on stage to perform in front of hundreds of spectators can be an incredibly daunting task, but getting up to perform in a second language makes the task that much more difficult.

On Sunday, 29 May, ten of our Glennie girls, accompanied by our French Immersion Team, Mr Morère and Mrs Ousset-Vignal took to the stage in Queens Park at the Toowoomba Languages and Cultures Festival.

In front of the crowd gathered before them, the girls took the opportunity in their stride and performed six different poems... completely in French.

The French teachers were thrilled, not only about their performances but the positive attitude and motivation that each of the girls displayed in the lead-up. Mrs Ousset-Vignal was impressed while conducting rehearsals with the girls over recess and lunchtime and at the end of their student’s performance, Mr Morère stated:  ‘They performed beautifully and I am the proudest teacher right now. Each of these girls volunteered to perform, they chose their own poems and rehearsed in their own time. It was a credit to their hard work, and they have showcased what we are capable of at Glennie’.

Year 9 French Immersion students Isabelle and Stephanie were also excited about the opportunity to perform. Isabelle highlighted the benefits of stepping outside of her comfort zone, ‘Today was really challenging, as I had to step outside of my comfort zone, not only to be able to recite in a second language, but to do so in front of such a large audience’.

Stephanie agreed with this sentiment, ‘The French Immersion Program has definitely helped me to not only explore a completely different language but to understand my own capabilities’.

Mr Morère sees the long-term benefits attributed to performances like today and the French Immersion Program as a whole.  ‘It goes way beyond the language. We tackle not only an understanding of the French language but the growth and appreciation in their own capabilities. The development in their confidence, and being able to communicate in a second language, will definitely present greater opportunities, and open more doors to these girls in the future’.

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