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Day girl sleepover

Last weekend our boarding community hosted day students for a sleepover. The girls enjoyed a BBQ, making pancakes, a water balloon fight and many other fun activities. The day students that attended loved the insight they got into boarders’ lives. It was equally enjoyable for the boarders as well, having something to do that reminded girls of what they might do if they were at home - a sleepover. We thank the families that participated in this event and look forward to having more in the future. 

Our vision for boarding

I am currently asking students how they see the future of boarding and am seeking their ideas about contributing to a positive and vibrant community. It is sometimes easier to identify what we don't like and harder to articulate what we do want. 

In meeting with focus groups this year, we have been able to identify things that we enjoy, such as a full and fun enrichment program, having BBQs, the introduction of the smoothie bar and interacting with students from other schools. 

I am challenging students to think of positives and solutions for their boarding experience.  We want an empowering and vibrant community with rich experiences which prepare students well for life.  It is everyone's responsibility to contribute their ideas and thoughts to create an environment that will be enjoyable for all.  I look forward to hearing the girls’ ideas that will ultimately shape the vision for the future. 

Mrs Donna Grant
Head of Boarding