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This week in boarding (1) (3)

In boarding this term there has been an increase in our activities and enrichment program which has included trips to the movies, Inflatable World, workshops at Bunnings and we are looking forward to attending Southbank on Sunday, 1 September. Having a vibrant enrichment program is essential for boarding communities as it engages young people in meaningful activities. We will keep encouraging our students to participate in this program as it will benefit their socialisation and general well being.

This week Maree Renouf will attend a boarding conference in Adelaide that has a focus on digital technologies. Social media and devices are having a massive influence on adolescents and we want to make sure we are staying up to date with this area. As staff, we often observe a student who may be spending too much time online forming poor habits and letting this affect their lifestyle. We encourage safe practices and responsible behaviour, while also reminding parents that the girls don't need the latest device or expensive phones whilst in boarding. Noticeably, when students have a busy extra-curricular program, their use and want for time online significantly decreases.

Thanks to all the mothers who were able to attend our Boarder Mother's Luncheon last Friday. It was a really lovely day and an enjoyable event. I have included a snippet of the address as I would like any of the mothers who were unable to attend to hear how your daughters see you:

"So what does a Glennie mother look like? We think we can recognise a Glennie mother by their unwavering dedication to family, the way they miss their daughters and want to hear everything that’s going on for them. The mother that wants to balance a healthy relationship and advocate for their daughter, but also wants to place trust in staff and support them in decision making. The Glennie mother is often spending time working hard before freshening up to dash in and visit their daughters.  A Glennie mother is proud of their daughter’s achievements and balances this with demonstrating modesty. They are welcoming to all and are interested in the other girls that their daughters spend time with. They want to know that their daughter is working hard to make the most of the opportunities they are presented with and see commitments through. You can recognise a Glennie mother on the sidelines of a sporting event or in the audience of a performance – unwavering in their support and proud of their daughter’s achievements. In short, a Glennie mother wants their daughters to be All She Can Be®and are behind them the whole way."

Mrs Donna Grant
Head of Boarding