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Swimmers shine

Wow, what an amazing spirit the Swimming Carnival had to it last Friday. It was incredible to see all the girls getting in there and doing their best and having fun in the process. So many highlights, from the entry into the pool by the houses to Bella Murphy swimming 100m Butterfly with so much determination and then the whole school cheering her on. The fantastic swimming achieved by all the girls, the house war cries, the inter-year relay that was won by the year 11’s and the final dance by the Year 12’s. It is just so uplifting to see the girls getting in and having fun.

There were some outstanding swims throughout the day with four records broken, three by Cara Cronje and one by Isabella Kings, Congratulations to you both. There is nothing better than watching someone who does their sport well and to watch a swimmer seemingly so effortlessly swim is a pleasure to watch.

Congratulations to all girls who got in the pool as you all helped out your house to gain points. Well done girls.

It gives us pleasure to provide you with official results from the Interhouse Middle and Senior Years Swimming Carnival.

New Records:

  • 12 Years 50m Backstroke with a time of 35.45 seconds – from Webber House - Cara Cronje
  • 12 Years 50m Butterfly with a time of 34.16 seconds – from Webber House - Cara Cronje
  • 12 Years 50m Freestyle with a time of 31.91 seconds – from Webber House - Cara Cronje
  • 13 Years 50m Breaststroke with a time of 37.62 seconds - from Tufnell House -  Isabella Kings

Individual Age Champions:

12 Years Winner:  Cara Cronje (Webber)
12 Years Runner-Up:  Mya Gilbert (Tufnell)

13 Years Winner:  Ryanda Craige (Hale)
13 Years Runner-Up:  Elizabeth Joyce (Tufnell), Isabella Kings (Tufnell)

14 Years Winner: Holly Campbell (Tufnell)
14 Years Runner-Up:  Hayley Baker (Hale)

15 Years Winner:  Keeleigh Cauley-Gleeson (Donaldson)
15 Years Runner-Up:  Samantha Joyce (Tufnell)

16 Years Winner:  Lily Rowe (Tufnell)
16 Years Runner-Up:  Kari Donaldson (Donaldson)

17 and Over Winner:  Caitlin Lipp (Hale)
17 Years Runner-Up:  Torwen Eerkens (Tufnell)

Individual Trophy Winners:

Buchanan Cup for fastest Butterfly time - 50m:  Caitlin Lipp (Hale)

Laiban Cup for fastest Breaststroke time - 50m:  Keeleigh Cauley-Gleeson (Donaldson)

Araloma Cup for fastest Backstroke time - 50m:  Keeleigh Cauley-Gleeson (Donaldson)

Cadan Cup for fastest Freestyle time - 50m:  Caitlin Lipp (Hale)

Overall Champions:

Junior Champion:  Holly Campbell (Tufnell)
Runner-Up Junior Champion:  Cara Cronje (Webber)

Senior Champion:  Caitlin Lipp (Hale)
Runner-Up Senior Champion:  Keeleigh Cauley-Gleeson (Donaldson)

House Results:

1st Place:  Hale, 1754 points
2nd Place:  Tufnell, 1522 points
3rd Place:  Donaldson, 1207.50 points
4th Place:  Webber, 1139.50 points

Click here to view the photo gallery.