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State Equestrian Champions two years in a row

Competing in conditions such as wind, rain, cold temperatures and next to racing cars, our Glennie Equestrian team won the Pryde’s Easifeed State Interschool Equestrian Championships for the second year in a row. They were presented with The Lorette Wigan Cup for Champion Equestrian Secondary School. 

Some excellent individual results were achieved by the girls that contributed to this overall award. Of particular note was Sarah Coggan (Equestrian Captain) riding “Undies” who won the Brett Family Trophy for the Overall Champion Rider and  Secondary Hi-Point “Off The Track Thoroughbred”. Sarah won these awards for gaining the most points of any Secondary rider at the State Championships. She rode in every discipline and often competed on two horses. This is difficult to achieve in Year 12, with all of the other commitments they have. Well done Sarah.

Held at both the Maryborough Showgrounds and Equestrian Park and Morgan Park, Warwick, the championships were run over six days; four days in the second week of the holidays and the last weekend of the holidays. Riders competed in Dressage, Show Jumping, Show Horse, Showman, Combined Training and Eventing. 

Not only were the girls competing for the School but they were also competing for selection in the Queensland team to ride at the National Interschool Championships being held at  the Sydney International Equestrian Centre from the 27 September - 3 October. The following students have been selected in the Queensland team:

Ellie Stenzel (Show Horse)

Grace de la Croix (Combined Training)

Keeleigh Wise (Show Horse)

Kate Johnstone (Combined Training, Eventing, Dressage)

Sarah Coggan (Eventing, Show Horse)

Piper Wise (Show Horse, Dressage) 

Holly Hurst (Dressage)

Excellent effort, girls - well done.

Team Results

Secondary Showman – Champion – Sarah Coggan, Piper Wise, Holly Hurst, Keeleigh Wise

Secondary Show Horse - Champion - Sarah Coggan, Keeleigh Wise, Piper Wise

Secondary Dressage - Champion - Holly Hurst, Piper Wise, Keeleigh Wise

Secondary Eventing - Reserve Champion - Emily Wheatley, Keeleigh Wise, Kate Johnstone, Sarah Coggan

Secondary Combined Training - Reserve Champion - Becci Roellgen, Piper Wise, Kate Johnstone, Sarah Coggan

Secondary Showjumping – 3rd  – Lucy Stanford, Lucy Griffiths, Keeleigh Wise, Sarah Coggan

Major Individual Results

Combined Training

Primary (45cm) - 3rd - Grace de la Croix

Secondary (60cm) – 3rd  – Sarah Coggan, 6th - Becci Roellgen,  8th - Holly Hurst

Secondary (80cm) - 7th - Piper Wise,  8th - Georgia Wheatley

Secondary (95cm) - Champion - Kate Johnstone, 7th - Kate Johnstone


Secondary (80cm) – 6th - Keeleigh Wise, 8th - Jessica Black, 9th - Sarah Coggan

Secondary (90cm) - Reserve Champion - Kate Johnstone, 6th - Kate Johnstone, 7th - Emily Wheatley

CCN 1* Reserve Champion - Sarah Coggan


Primary 3 Phase - 5th - Ellie Stenzel

Secondary 3 Phase - Champion - Holly Hurst

Secondary 4 Phase (45cm) – Champion – Sarah Coggan

Secondary 4 Phase (60cm) - Champion - Piper Wise

Secondary 4 Phase (85cm) - 3rd - Keeleigh Wise                                              

Show Horse

Primary Hunter - 4th - Ellie Stenzel

Intermediate Working Hunter - Champion - Keeleigh Wise

Secondary Hack - 3rd - Sarah Coggan

Secondary Hunter - Reserve Champion - Piper Wise

Secondary Working Hunter - 3rd - Piper Wise       


Primary Preliminary - 6th - Ellie Stenzel

Primary Novice - 6th - Ellie Stenzel 

Secondary Intermediate Preliminary - Reserve Champion - Holly Hurst, 5th - Keeleigh Wise

Secondary Senior Preliminary - Reserve Champion - Kate Johnstone, 6th - Kate Johnstone, 7th - Sarah Coggan

Secondary Intermediate Novice - 4th - Holly Hurst

Secondary Senior Novice - Champion - Piper Wise,  8th - Kate Johnstone

Secondary Elementary - 10th - Piper Wise


Secondary 70cm - Reserve Champion - Sarah Coggan

Secondary 90cm - 7th - Lucy Stanford

Secondary 100cm - 10th - Lucy Stanford

As this was the last major Interschool event for the year, I would like to thank all girls who contributed to our great results throughout the year, along with those students who, due to personal injury or injury to their horse, helped other students, parents, coaches and other supporters for assisting the team to achieve their goals. 

Miss Jacky Redman
Middle and Senior Years Teacher and Equestrian Coordinator

Click here to view the photo gallery.  Photo credit - Miss Redman