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Q & A With Dr Karl

Esteemed Doctor, Engineer, and Scientist extraordinaire Dr Karl Kruszelnicki provided our Year 7 students with a skyped Question and Answer session in our laboratories this week.

Students were encouraged to explore their sense of curiosity and wonder, as the session was guided by student voices. Students asked questions such as 'why do we dream?','why do we get goosebumps?','how is the universe continually expanding, and 'why are polar bears dying?'.

Having a presenter as esteemed as Dr Karl, taking his time to foster the curiosity of our youngest scientists, has afforded our girls a wonderful experience. From here, students will be encouraged to keep asking questions whilst they gain the tools to explore developments and new understandings in science.   

"We encourage our young scientists to always ask questions and make discoveries about 'why' and 'how' our world works," explained Glennie Science teacher Mrs Fiona Stone. "Scientific inquiry underpins our whole Science curriculum. From the beginning of Year 7, Glennie Middle Years students are encouraged to 'think and question', not just 'know'."

All Glennie, Middle Years girls engage in an evidence-based and hands-on 'thinking science' program that not only fosters curiosity but gives students the opportunity to learn skills in communication, questioning, experimenting and statistically proving a scientific hypothesis. 

"Our girls have gained a sense that humans have still so much to explore and learn. To think species are still being discovered and we have yet to explore the edges of our oceans and earth, inspires students to ask questions. Asking questions is the heart of great Science learning and teaching."

Mrs Fiona Stone
Middle and Senior Years Teacher

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