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Opti-MINDS Team Wins Honours

A Glennie Year 7 team recently competed at the regional Opti-MINDS Challenge

The brief: The monument to Topi-Topi Wisdom had been the town’s centrepiece since the foundation of the Topi-Topi tribe. Due to recent events, the Top-Topi Wizz-Dom monument was to be moved to a new location, high above the town.

In this Science & Engineering sustainability challenge, our students were tasked to create a device that incorporates safety, sustainable use materials, and that minimises waste in construction. The Wizz must be represented by an object which makes a whizzing sound, and the Dom must be represented by an object which, when placed over the top, covers the Wizz.

Students adhered to a strict design brief, purchased all materials allowable to budget, sourced props and costumes, devised a script, and polished their performance. 

Their hard work and preparation earned the team an Honours award in Division Two.  Congratulations girls.

Optiminds allowed me to work with people from other classes who I wouldn't usually have any interaction with, and I also got to use my talents and creativity to assist in the final product for the long term challenge. The day was fun and our practices went well, which enabled us to pull the long term challenge together before performance time. The short term challenge went very well because we worked well as a team to form the answers, as we were judged on teamwork and creativity.

Isabelle Prewett
Year 7 student

Photo credit:  Mrs Kearney