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Musical Talent Showcased At Glennie

Over the years, Glennie girls have shown a true talent for this subject, embracing the software and showing a willingness to record many of their own loops. Each student selects an excerpt from a video, removing all of the music and then records their own film composition.

Charlotte composed 'Heaven is for Real' to one of the last films she ever watched with her grandmother before she passed away. Therefore, this film brings back memories to when she was alive. The message behind the film is close to Charlotte's heart because it is based on a true story about a young boy dying and while doing so, he visits heaven and somehow survives.

Enjoy Charlotte's composition here

Year 10 Music student, Bella, prepared this composition showcasing her skill playing the trumpet and other instruments common during the war.  Bella chose a scene that did not have any music in it, making it the perfect canvas to convey the emotions of courage, panic, terror, and relief by matching the composition to the action and feelings of the characters in the scene.

If you find the visual a little hard to watch, simply look away and enjoy the emotion conveyed in the music.  Well done Bella.

Enjoy Bella’s composition here.

Our composition showcase continues with this gem from Year 11 student, Gracie.  Gracie recalls many fond memories in her first home on Elizabeth Drive.  In this piece, you will hear Gracie singing the main vocal line, playing guitar and singing her accompanying harmonies as well.  Beautiful work Gracie.

Enjoy Gracie’s composition here.

Year 11 student, Maeve, prepared this moving composition called 'Little Big World'.   Congratulations Maeve.

Enjoy Maeve’s composition here.

Stay tuned for more compositions by our talented Glennie girls.