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Middle And Senior Years Arts Awards

Congratulations to all Drama and Bands students on their performances this year and also at our 2020 Arts Awards held at the Empire Theatre on Sunday, 23 August. The event was a great success with beautiful performances on stage. Live streaming clips will be emailed through to ensemble members’ parents later this term.

We are incredibly proud of the resilience, dedication, grace and excellence displayed by all of the girls this year. Rehearsing online, or having rehearsals pauses undoubtedly has an impact on the Performing Arts program. However the girls have continued to take ownership of their progression and worked collaboratively with staff and peers. 

For AXXIOM 2020, our girls have had the wonderful opportunity to work with the Shake & Stir Theatre Company for a compact In-Residency Program.  The girls responded to a series of stimulus questions and from their statements, company founder, Nelle Lee and artist Maddi Romke created two scripts, one for our senior students and one for our Middle Years girls. 

In the five weeks AXXIOM has been running the girls were given their amazing script, they have together played with performance concepts and found ways to tell their stories.  An intensive workshop led by Maddi and another led by Nelle, helped to refine and polish the ideas but essentially this is the girls’ interpretations of the given scripts, which at times may appear abstract while at other times quite literal. 

Placing our hands on our heart, we could not nominate individuals for the usual ‘performance’ awards that are expected at this event for AXXIOM this year.  Suffice to say, we feel it necessary to acknowledge EVERY girl for their contribution, their commitment and their talent. Their capacity to work together, test and formulate ideas, and produce the polished work of this evening is a true reflection of the creativity and artistic aptitude of this particular group of girls.  

Middle Years AXXIOM Drama Troupe

Alison Danckwerts

Raynee Flynn-Bowman

Alli Harris

Allira Hunter

Sarcha Webb

Felicity Belesky

Stephanie Fernando

Mashal Imam

Maanya Kathvadia

Isabelle Prewett

Grace Deng

Sophie Fleming 

Amelia Gaffney

Josie Kelly

Lilias O’Connor

Alexandra Sharp


Senior Years AXXIOM Drama Troupe

Emma Anderson

Hayley Broadfoot 

Charlotte-Louise Coombridge

Olivia Prewett

Hannah Stunden

Lillian Vaughan

Alyssa Baker

Lauren Baryla

Lily Bragg

Alice Dent

Katelyn Nicholls

Emma Prewett

Our Music Ensembles were not immune to COVID restrictions. We arrived back from Music Camp early in Term 1 full of new repertoire, friendships and enthusiasm for the year ahead. We continued to rehearse amidst restrictions, first online,  and sometimes via pre-recorded videos as internet speed and connection affected our online rehearsals. Girls and staff embraced online collaborative recording programs where conductors, accompanists and girls would remote in to record - particularly in our larger ensembles such as Concert Band, and Middle and Senior Years Choirs. Once back on campus the restrictions meant rehearsals could recommence live - first  in groups of 10 at The Wendy Ashley-Cooper Performing Arts Centre via live stream from the rehearsal room, then in groups 20. Term 3 has seen our ensembles finally back together in the one space, albeit socially distanced, but in the one large rehearsal space. 

The Performing Arts is founded on relationships. Rehearsing online was incredibly difficult for the girls and staff. Due to internet lag, conductors were forced to ask musicians to individually mute their mics in large group rehearsals, so although the girls could hear their conductor, it was completely silent at our end. The ongoing joke of “this is the best you have ever sounded” was used often. Subtle cues, such as body communication, breath movement and eye contact were all lost and we relied heavily on the girls' communication between each other, and also directly to us, in order to continue rehearsals. 

To say this has been a challenging year doesn't quite sum it up, however the girls and staff, at every stage, continued with that warm Glennie smile and a little gracefulness. I would like to commend all girls and staff for their resilience, teamwork, musicianship and sheer determination to make this possible. Thank you to parents and families for supporting your daughter and the staff this year and trusting us to navigate the best course possible. We have the privilege of working with your daughters each day and as a department, we would like to thank you for this opportunity. Girls, you make our work everyday wonderful.

This year we recognised students for the following awards: ‘Conductor’s Choice’, ‘Excellence in Performance’ and ‘Excellence in Section’ within their ensemble context. 

The Conductor’s Choice is awarded to a student who displays the most improvement and commitment towards the ensemble, is dedicated to learning parts and performing well and has an excellent attitude and attendance in rehearsals and performances.

The Excellence in Section Award is awarded to a student who displays both a high level of musicality and ensemble etiquette in their sectional.

The Excellence in Performance Award is awarded to a student who displays an outstanding musical ability and etiquette within the ensemble.


Congratulations to the following students for receiving a 2020 Performing Arts Award:

String Orchestra, Excellence in Section - Chelsea Armstrong

String Orchestra, Excellence in Section - Emily Rattray

String Orchestra, Conductors Award - Amelia Tranter

String Orchestra, Excellence in Performance - Genevieve Dean


Chamber String Ensemble, Conductor’s Award - Sarah Park

Chamber String Ensemble, Excellence in Performance - Gabrielle Kleidon


Chamber Wind Ensemble, Conductor’s Award - Anli Morgan

Chamber Wind Ensemble, Excellence in Performance - Lucy Nicholls


Woodwind Ensemble, Conductor’s Award - Anyela Naumann

Woodwind Ensemble, Excellence in Performance - Lauren Lester


Middle Years Choir, Excellence in Section - Dulini Dewage

Middle Years Choir, Excellence in Section - Felicity Russell

Middle Years Choir, Excellence in Section - Dominque Wilkes

Middle Years Choir, Conductor’s Award - Rheanca Lincoln

Middle Years Choir, Conductor’s Award - Monique George

Middle Years Choir, Excellence in Performance - Amelia Tranter


Glennie Singers, Conductor’s Award - Colleen Beahan

Glennie Singers, Conductor’s Award - Isabelle Prewett

Glennie Singers, Excellence in Performance - Jessica Irwin


Senior Years Choir, Excellence in Section - Celine Dixon

Senior Years Choir, Excellence in Section - Isabella Shelton

Senior Years Choir, Excellence in Section - Zoe Dann


Senior Years Choir, Conductor’s Award - Claudia Simon

Senior Years Choir, Conductor’s Award - Sorrelle Young

Senior Years Choir, Excellence in Performance - Katlyn Nicholls


Choral Group, Conductor’s Award - Gabrielle Kleidon

Choral Group, Conductor’s Award - Lucy Nicholls

Choral Group, Excellence in Performance - Lauren Baryla


Concert Band, Excellence in Section - Isabella Lilford

Concert Band, Excellence in Section - Lucy Nicholls

Concert Band, Excellence in Section - Isabella Shelton

Concert Band, Conductor’s Award - Gabrielle Waterfall

Concert Band, Conductor's Award - Kate Healy

Concert Band, Excellence in Performance - Hannah Waterfall


Youth Jazz Ensemble, Conductor’s Award - Kristen Davies

Youth Jazz Ensemble, Conductor’s Award - Isabella Poole

Youth Jazz Ensemble, Excellence in Performance - Trinity Keenan


Big Band, Conductor’s Award - Emily Lawrence

Big Band, Conductor’s Award - Isabella Shelton

Big Band, Excellence in Performance - Isabella Lilford


Jazz Ensemble, Conductor’s Award - Charlotte Twidale

Jazz Ensemble, Conductor’s Award - Isabella Lilford

Jazz Ensemble, Excellence in Performance - Lauren Baryla


Harley Mead Award Perpetual Award for Composition - Lauren Baryla

Mrs Jayne Davidson
Director of Performance - Middle and Senior Years

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