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Language Champions Of The World

The Glennie School has claimed the proud title of best school in the world for French (schools with 501-1000 students).

Over 200 students from The Glennie School in Years 1 to 12 competed in the Education Perfect Language Championships, with the School also placing 40th overall globally, 5th overall in French only and 2nd for French in Queensland.  

Year 10 student Emma Anderson achieved the highest honour of an Elite award, the second time she has achieved such an outstanding result.  Emma earned 10,000 points during the week-long event.

Junior Years students Lily McGinn, Aamna Shahid and Shashaa Logitharan achieved Emerald awards, being the second-highest accolade earning over 7,000 points each.

Glennie amassed a total of 76 Elite, Emerald, Gold, Silver, Bronze and Credit awards.  The Championships are run world-wide and this year 2,159 schools were involved from countries including Australia, New Zealand, England, Hong Kong, United States of America, Malaysia and Singapore. 

The event is an online extension and application of prior language learning.  Students focussed their efforts on French and competed with other students around the world.  Throughout the Championships students could choose to answer questions in multiple languages about many topics from greetings to ordering food at a restaurant to verb conjugations.

Take a look at our impressive statistics:

  • 40th overall globally (out of 2,155 schools)
  • 5th overall in French (out of 1,554 schools)
  • 1st for French in the 501-1000 students category (out of 393 schools)
  • 2nd for French in QLD (out of 240 schools)
  • 7th overall in QLD (out of 322 schools)
  • 33rd overall in Australia (out of 1,454 schools)
  • 15th overall in the 501-1000 students category (out of 445 schools)
  • 5th for French in Australia (out of 1,072 schools)
  • 11th in Australia for the 501-1000 students category (out of 331 schools)
  • 3rd in QLD for the 501-1000 students category (out of 70 schools)

Individual Award recipients:

Elite:  Emma Anderson

Emerald:  Aamna Shahid, Shashaa Logitharan, Lily McGinn

Gold:  Louise Anderson, Arabella Backhouse, Amélie Zahra, Isabelle Morrissey, Trinity Keenan, Sophie Bridger, Mashal Imam, Stephanie Fernando, Jayde Pearson, Olivia Zahra, Disha Gowda, Eman Shahbaz, Mia Nolan, Dulini Dewage, Zahraa Bakly, Rheanca Lincoln

Silver:  Sarie De Wachter, Palakh Garg, Vijetha Gowda, Hayley Russell, Clara Andersen, Charlee Pattinson, Chloey Chai, Sophia Kavanagh, Gisele Hede

Bronze:  Savannah Patterson, Sofia Sheppard, Elizabeth Thompson, Caitlyn Morrissey, Charlotte-Louise Coombridge, Ellie Stenzel, Chloe Rutledge, Jessica Irwin, Savannah De Ceuster, Valentina Holland, Alicia Morrissey, Erin Coetzee, Milla Cronje, Caitlyn Garratt, Sophia Sanson-Male, Emily Davidson, Tilly Johnson, Alex Handyside

Credit:  Phoebe Manthey, Adaya Carter, Vismaya Gowda, Rian Bakly, Demi Hardgrave, Ira Kedilaya, Amelia Giesemann, Erica Rushton, Anacita Holland, Mannat Pandher, Bridie Backhouse, Chloe Wills, Jessica Archinal, Ellie Beckwith, Lucy Bryant, Olivia Doonan, Sineli Herath, Evie Prince, Giselle Statham, Shari Gilbert, Scarlett Orange, Sophie Nobbs, Natalie Hockaday, Xanthe Schubert, Kate Rattray, Meg Roper, Holly Travers, Miley Chappel, Belle Clay

The following students are to be congratulated for participating and improving their skills in French:

Rhani Hohn, Ruby Richardson, Lily Handyside, Alliah Oats, Briella Olive, Hannah Paton, Amelia Tranter, Anastasia Charles, Angeline Hall, Zoe Wardle, Kaitlin Taylor, Ella Donovan, Hallie Hogan, Izzy Anderton, Paige Markham, Sami Nobbs, Lucy Beard, Sophie Doonan, Darcy Vaschina, Ruby Surawski, Elodie Fairbanks-Smith, Constance Southam, Milla Baddock, Charlotte Tranter, Bailee Hyslop, Hannah Knott, Stella Suey, Lindsay James, Chloe Archinal, Cady West, Olivia Beard, Ava Fitzpatrick, Alyssa Rollason, Eloise Radford, Haylee Silver, Monica Guduru, Aisha Singh, Sharnie-Lee Brameld, Edie Gunhouse, Penelope Litz, Tayla Donovan, Gabi Waterfall, Indie Jackson, Kelsey-Rae Terry, Zoe Sayeg, Sophie Fleming, Holly Donaldson, Veyda Rowe, Emerson Jones, Mia Smoothy, Sophia Wu, Emmy Reimann, Elsie McNee, Mackenzie Lyons, Mabel Hede, Zara Quinlan, Holly Beaton, Lilias O'Connor, Emily Morton, Mia Brown, Gabriella Merritt, Emily Eather, Bianca Gill, Andrea Manalo, Bethany Casey, Bonnie Ladner, Annesley Morgan, Ava Tickle, Trinity Munson, Isabelle Petty, Mackenzie Oliphant, Sarah Park, Elaina Matthews, Monique George, Louisa Johnstone, Amalia Gomez Faramand, Indi Chappel, Annie Scriven, Ryanda Craige, Sabana Duncan, Kristen Davies, Asher Dickson, Hannah Tucker, Samantha Tonscheck, Bailey Crisp, Priscilla Neuendorf, Elka Dickson, Matilda Arthur, Savannah Sanson-Male, Josie Wood, Kodha-Lee Weldon, Everley Eckers, Annabel Doonan, Apoorva Abeysundera, Alison Danckwerts, Rafaella Allsopp, Matilda Cosgrave, Gabrielle Prosser, Audrey Knight, Reagan Wood, Scarlett Martin, Samantha Joyce, Prisha Gupte, Alakiir Terkoc, Mia De Graaf, JonJon Yip, Jasmin Sandhu, Maya Powell, Erika McCarthy, Emily Statham, Lorali Reese, Isabelle Giesemann, Sophia Grant, Ruby Warby, Parker Bidgood, Kristen Hurlock, Evie Terrey, Morgane-Emilie Garrier, Luka Ridley, Courtney Drotini, Molly Sedl, Lauren Ridgway, Isabelle Tooley, Victoria Cross, Sophie Giesemann, Abbie Hill, Neave Warry, Meg Statham, Annabella Brown, Naomi Fisher, Makanaka Ngorima, Sharly Kelly, Georgie Hedge, Antonina Foley, Natalie Woodhouse, Olivia-Grace Grout, Charleze Gurski, Sybella Pattinson, Mya Gilbert, Isabella Shelton, Jalisa Murray, Athena Weldon, Freya Statham, Sunaina Kapoor, Evie Whitby, Felicity Pringle, Holly Finn, Charlotte Baker, Felicity Russell.