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Jury delivers ‘Not Guilty’ verdict

We were honoured to have students and staff from Lockyer District State High School and St George State High School visit Glennie on Tuesday for a Moot Court trial to determine if the accused, Jasmine Naomi Eve, was innocent or guilty of manslaughter.

A Moot Court provides a valuable opportunity for students to develop their legal analytical skills and allows students to practise law in a ‘real’ environment. Students and staff across the School were invited to watch the proceedings, just as the general public can do in a real courtroom, and learn more about the practice of law and the criminal justice system.

Mr Greg Cudmore, a retired teacher, author and former Director of Activities at Ormiston College, presided. The case involved the accused, Jasmine Naomi Eve, being tried for the unlawful killing of her high school friend, Lucas Grant Adams. After ingesting dangerous levels of methamphetamines, allegedly supplied to him by Eve, Adams jumped out of an 18-storey apartment building to his death.   

Our guest students were members of the jury and decided the ‘Not Guilty’ verdict based on the evidence presented to them in the Moot Court. Students from The Glennie School comprised the Prosecution and the Defence teams, as well as the witnesses, who were called upon to give evidence as to the facts of the case. In this way, a Moot Court was more than a display of verbal skills. It is an intellectual exercise that requires research, advocacy and teamwork. The role of each legal team was to convince and persuade an unbiased audience (the jury) that a combination of legal principles and facts gives rise to a conclusion that favours their client or the Crown.

We applaud all students involved in Tuesday’s Moot Court.  We thank our guests from St George SHS and Lockyer District SHS for travelling to be part of this unique learning experience.  Thank you also, Mr Cudmore, for taking the time to be with us today and providing guidance and advice to the students.

Enjoy some photos captured today.  Thank you, Mia and Will from WIN News Toowoomba for coming to Glennie to share this story with your viewers.

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