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It’s About The Climb

Gearing up for their first full day of camp (Year 9), the girls in Group 3 were sceptical about the hiking challenge. There was talk of ticks, jagged rocks and violent tree branches in the mess. The team to complete the challenge in the shortest amount of time was awarded bragging rights, which was highly appealing. So, armed with only drink bottles, they set off with trepidation.

After about 15 minutes, Emmerson Leather announced that perhaps we should just pretend that we got to the top of the mountain. Twenty minutes and many breaks later, Gabby Prosser asked Gemma (our supervisor) if she was sure that she was not trying to destroy the group. Desperate, Ava Zammit declared that perhaps Mr Crawley could send the Glennie helicopter to pick us up. No, the huffing and puffing continued. Sweat rolled down cheeks and feet continued to trudge forward up our Mount Everest.

Along the way, the girls stopped caring about timing. That idea was lost just like the beaten path. Scrambling to meet the supervisor, we did everything that we could to survive, including using our bottoms to slide down hard parts. Pulling together, everyone understood that if they were to complete the challenge and get back to base, they would have to pull up their gaiters and look out for one another and they did.

Finally, we reached our goal. Looking out over the beautiful countryside of the Gold Coast Hinterland made the walk almost worth it, according to Libby MacGillivray.

We didn’t make it back in record timing. In fact, we were the slowest group. Sporting prowess had little to do with it though. Group 3 spent their time waiting patiently for girls who were caught behind, helping one another get back on the path safely and somewhere along the way, Sally Byrne nicknamed all of us so she then became ‘Scrally Byrne’ and so on.

We learnt out there in the wilderness that being first isn’t all it is made out to be. Rather, sticking together and helping each other is the pathway to success and… lunch (albeit, without bragging rights). We are full of pride for Group 3.

Ms Cecilia Rynne
Middle and Senior Years Teacher