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Interhouse Cross Country Carnival

The Interhouse Cross Country carnival was a major success with many happy and excited girls from Prep through to Year 12.

We would like to congratulate all the girls on their effort and success throughout the day.  You are all amazing and showed true House spirit.

Thank you to all the staff who supported us throughout the day, we really appreciate it.

The results can be seen below:

Junior Years Age Champions 

7 Years - 1km

Runner Up: Elsa Tickle

Age Champion: Violet Richardson

8 Years - 1km

Runner Up: Indi Chappel

Age Champion: Georgie Hedge

9 Years - 2km

Runner Up: Ruby Warby

Age Champion: Mabel Hede

10 Years - 2km

Runner Up: Emily Davidson

Age Champion: Sharni-Lee Brameld

11 Years - 3km

Runner Up: Ruby Richardson

Age Champion: Shari Gilbert

12 Years - 3km

Runner Up: Disha Gowda

Age Champion: Cady West

Middle and Senior Years Age Champion

12 Years - 3km

Runner Up: Rylee Franke

Age Champion: Ella Donovan

13 Years - 3km

Runner Up: Xanthe Schubert

Age Champion: Caitlyn Garratt 

14 Years - 3km

Runner Up: Mia Nolan

Age Champion: Halayna Lourigan

15 Years - 4km

Runner Up: Isabella Kings

Age Champion: Abbey Wardle

16 Years - 4km

Runner Up: Chantelle Sharp

Age Champion : Zoe Waters

Open Girls - 4km

Runner Up: Christy Douglas

Age Champion: Lily McGill

Fastest Races

Junior Years Fastest 1km: Violet Richardson

Junior Years Fastest 2km: Sharni-Lee Brameld

Junior Years Fastest 3km: Shari Gilbert

Middle and Senior Years Fastest 3km: Ella Donovan

Middle and Senior Years Fastest 4km: Zoe Waters

New Records

  1.  7 years - Violet Richardson - 4.34
  2.  8 years - Georgie Hedge - 4.52
  3.  13 years - Caitlyn Garratt - 13.29
  4. 15 years - Abbey Wardle - 19.39.65

House Results

Junior Years

4th: Tufnell - 1117

3rd: Hale  - 1264

2nd: Donaldson  - 1323

1st: Webber   -1420


Middle & Senior Years

4th: Webber  - 1575

3rd: Hale  - 1630

2nd: Donaldson  - 2141

1st: Tufnell - 2267

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