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In Their Words

A message from Joan Burton-Jones (née Hamilton, GOG 1960)

I am currently writing to you from the south of Spain where we live for part of each year, the rest of our year is divided between London and Brisbane.  My husband recently took this photo of me in my study, which overlooks a pretty plaza full of garden beds and flowering trees.  It is early April so Spring is here and the birds are busy nest building and singing from dawn to dusk. We also see many interesting migratory birds returning from their winter habitats in Africa.  Spain is an exciting place to be during lockdown – especially for those of us who enjoy writing, painting and anyone with interest in nature.

 In Spain, at 8:00pm every evening (since March 14) everyone goes onto their terraces and starts to clap in appreciation of the Health and Sanitation Services.  Doctors and nurses, through to street cleaners and binmen, also police and ambulance personnel all work full time under challenging conditions to care for the needs of everyone else. 

During the clapping, everyone waves to everyone else as they come out onto their terrace, (often not knowing each other by name), but the sense of camaraderie is strong here, and we wave to each other again later before disappearing inside. 

There is lovely music too, usually classical Spanish, to which some on their terraces sing and others dance, especially the children. 

The funny thing is that the police-cars and ambulances have taken to driving up and down the streets after the clapping, with their sirens on full, to thank the people who have thanked them!  It is all slightly zany and makes everyone smile - which I expect is the general idea. 

 Another beautiful thing that police in Spain have done, is to ask families to contact them if they have children under 10 whose birthdays are coming up while they are in lockdown.  The police then drive to the family's home with their siren on, and they park outside and call out the birthday child's name.  The parents with their child stand on their terrace and the police sing happy birthday to the child and the neighbours clap.  Instead of the child feeling deprived of a party, they are given a treat they can tell their grandchildren about in years to come. 

A message from Jayme Ellis

Jayme says that her sister Megan Ellis (GOG 2011), is currently working on the frontlines at Oxford Hospital in the United Kingdom.  “I think she is extremely brave being so far away from family and friends and every day she still finds the courage to go into work and save lives!”

I’m currently working in Hong Kong as a Coffee Marketing Specialist for a multinational company called Sucafina. I moved to Hong Kong three months ago, certainly an interesting time to be overseas! However, I feel extremely lucky to be in Hong Kong right now.  The Government here was quick to act which means there has not been as heavy restrictions on people's movements. I’m working from home but I’m still able to go out for coffee and enjoy dinner with friends (in groups less than four). Oh, and masks are worn by almost everyone!

A message from Xanthea Jensen (GOG 2014)

I work in the university student accommodation sector for a company called Iglu. As a part of my role, I spend time travelling to schools throughout Queensland speaking to Year 12 students about accommodation options and the transition from school to university. Currently, I am filming content for an online presentation we are preparing whilst I am unable to travel and deliver this presentation face-to-face. In recent years, I have had the pleasure of returning to Glennie to interact with the senior students and we continue to have a number of Glennie Old Girls live with us at Iglu. These photos were taken at our Iglu Chatswood property in Sydney.

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