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– Be Connected. –

I Love Glennie Schooling - Middle and Senior Years

On Monday, we will officially launch the i Love Glennie Schooling concept. In developing this remote model of schooling, our focus has been twofold: to ensure staff and students are able to deliver and receive the best remote teaching and learning experience possible, which continues to encapsulate the heart of a Glennie education:

  • anchored in relationships
  • reflecting our values of participation, connection and belonging
  • valuing process over product
  • learning experiences that are personalised, authentic and meaningful
  • time for fun, humour, joy and play
  • to prioritise mental health and wellbeing during this period of remote schooling by ensuring students and staff remain connected to each other and the School community 

Visually, I Love Glennie Schooling will have a virtual landing page, which will provide tips for working, keeping active, staying connected as a community and wellbeing. It will also provide a structure for students to manage their time and learning.

In terms of this last aspect, in the Middle and Senior Years, this will involve students:

  • Checking in with their Tutor Teacher every morning between 8:30am and 9:30am. While attendance will be a feature of this check-in, the focus will be on wellbeing and connection
  • Adhering to the weekly timetable as much as possible, but not necessarily implementing an 8x40 minute lesson schedule at home. Flexibility is essential, as a full day, every day, in front of a screen is not desirable. Students and families are encouraged to organise their at-home school schedule around teacher check-in times and ways of working that suit individual students and families the best. This may mean students work on core subjects in the morning and elective subjects in the afternoon. It may mean ‘chunking’ lessons around a schedule that fits in with family responsibilities but also allows time for exercise and fun
  • Going to teachers’ online learning platforms (Google Classrooms, Google Sites, SEQTA, etc) to access the lessons for the week, following these instructions and letting teachers know how they are going. In every subject, teachers will be checking in with their students weekly (on top of daily Tutor Teacher check-ins)

In terms of software to support connection and learning, we have enabled student access to Google Hangouts (an instant messaging service) that is part of our Google Suite of tools, for all students in Years 7 to 12. Google Hangouts will allow face-to-face chat time with teachers and students to support our community to stay connected.

Parents are encouraged to enact some ‘house-rules’ around devices. For example:

  • Devices should not be in bedrooms - ideally a shared family space
  • Devices should have a bedtime
  • Devices should be kept overnight in a central space (for example a charging area in the kitchen)
  • Use the ‘do not disturb’ feature to remove the allure (and dinging)
  • Consider the age-appropriateness of apps
  • In terms of connectivity, we do understand that not every family has reliable internet access. 

Please be assured that I Love Glennie Schooling is not about virtual education. Lessons will not be delivered exclusively online: there will be a balance between online instruction and offline material, combined with resources that students already have or can get access to. The most important thing is that students and families communicate connectivity challenges with their teachers in order to brainstorm solutions that support the continuity of learning.

Members of the Senior Leadership Team, our Heads of House and School Psychologist will be available via regular communication channels (email and School telephone numbers). Please do not hesitate to contact any of us for teaching, learning and pastoral matters.

I would like to extend my heartfelt appreciation to the entire school community during this challenging period. It has been encouraging to know that you understand our need to invest the right amount of time to get ready for remote delivery in a way that ensures we can continue to operate as a school that places people, partnerships, and positivity at the heart of teaching, learning and pastoral care.

Ms Tonia Gloudemans
Deputy Principal - Head of Curriculum