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Hale House Senior Farewell

The comment that is often repeated at this beautiful event is “This is it … it’s actually over” or “I can’t believe I am the one saying goodbye”.

As an organiser and really just a spectator to their Year 12 journey, the overwhelming feeling of finality in the girls is certainly evident at this event, through the tears, the laughter, the hugs and the sharing of memories. However, it is the changing of the Hale family that I think is truly significant.

As a living breathing creature, the life of our Hale House continues, our little frogs arrive, they get to play in the pond, splash around, hop in and out, croak away and sometimes get stuck in the mud.  But when it’s time, they leave our little pond and our Frog family changes, shifts and moves on. But like a living creature, the House is built on the memories of each little frog, is shaped by the legacy of all frogs and is essentially handed over to the next generation. 

And so, our Senior Farewell is an opportunity to perhaps stop the splashing for a brief moment and look around at the Frogs who have been with us and guided us, and to say thank you. To recognise the gift that they have been for us this year and in the years past and to acknowledge that it’s time for them to leave. To give them a hug (COVID-safe), say a prayer and bid them farewell. 

To our Hale Seniors, while we too can’t believe “this is it”, we thank you and say goodbye. We remember the strength of your leadership, your sense of connection, your courage in such difficult times, your loyalty, your smiles, and finally your love for this wonderful House.

Mrs Kaye Broadfoot
Head of House - Hale

Click here to view the galley.