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– Be Connected. –

Hale House Report Term 2 2021

Did you know that a group of Frogs is called an ‘army’ and frogs generally don’t live in family groups?  It is suggested they are quite solitary little animals and, if they live near each other, they generally just ‘tolerate one another without having much interaction’.  I had always imagined, having grown up on a property that seemed to be a breeding ground for beautiful green frogs (who lined our gutter and downpipes and sang an anthem of ‘croakings’ with any slight smell of rain), that these little creatures were in fact quite harmonious, not just tolerant, and operated in a less military or rigid manner. Perhaps my memory of these beautiful little animals has had an impact on the importance I place on family and relationships in our House and how strongly these connect to the sense of who we are as Hale.

While the weather, especially rain, tends to still excite our Hale Frogs, I am very pleased to see and feel that our Family is quite connected and our frogs do have some sense of belonging, even if it’s just about wearing the colour Green. Again in House time, we have been deliberate about allowing organised Family Time; we have challenged each other to board games, played twister or jenga; we learnt our new war cry, and launched our Hale service campaign, the Civic Assist “Winter Warmth Appeal”.   This was all in addition to our Fancy Frog Ball in week 2 (eNews article, Week 3).

We continue to celebrate individual achievements and successes no matter how big or small.  The number of our frogs who achieve sporting and cultural success is simply outstanding. Congratulations for gaining selection in external teams, ensembles and professional drama companies, and to those who continue to attain academic accomplishment and ACE awards, you are applauded.  Those of you who serve others in specific volunteering roles or in your everyday interactions, by being there listening or extending a helping hand, or participating in the cultural celebration days, this too is outstanding. And while there are so many stories, there are two of note; Lila Burton’s participation and accolades during Beef Week, showing cattle demonstrates dedication and commitment. And Anna Dingley’s speech on Assembly for Reconciliation Day was an empowerment of her culture, her heritage and a true demonstration of leadership and the call for action and change. Congratulations to each and every one of you.

Our Tutor groups this term have been roving.  Each Thursday, groups have visited or played host to each other to run and engage in activities.  Our froggies challenged each other to “Just Dance” competitions, a mimed-version of “Celebratory Heads” (have you ever seen a caterpillar being performed or even a bunch of asparagus …), games of “Scattergories”, large group ‘Scissors/Paper/Rock”, and “Kahoot” just to name a few.  The Years 7 and 8 Tutor groups welcomed Ms Evans each Tuesday and Thursday mornings respectively, where  these froggies have particularly enjoyed getting to know Ms Evans a little more. 

The committee has continued to fulfill one of their goals - to connect with each year level.  This term, they have hosted the Year 10s for a BBQ breakfast on the coldest morning possible, but Ruby’s egg-cracking, Charlotte’s bread rolls and Emily’s Banana Bread warmed our little hearts (and hands and bellies).  And then, on the coldest evening, the Year 11s and 12s made their way to Vapiano’s for dinner followed by dessert at Max Brenner. Thank you to the girls who were able to come along, and Mrs Skett and Mrs Gehrmann, your presence is appreciated and the committee have enjoyed making connections with you.

The term finishes this week with our Interhouse Athletics carnival, where our little green frogs will jump, hop, run, throw and fling themselves around in order to gain points for Hale. Your efforts are acknowledged and appreciated. While this is a significant part of our events calendar, it would be remiss of me not to take time to farewell Ms Tonia Gloudemans on behalf of Hale House.  

Although not a Hale staff member, Ms Gloudemans is an avid supporter of all that we do.  Her generous spirit, her wonderful sense of gratitude, joyfulness and opportunity are characteristics we can all aspire to embody individually and collectively.  If we took the time to appreciate and be thankful for each other a little more, to see every day as a new beginning and to find the smallest twinkle of joy in our friendships and each moment, consider the ripple effect of Ms Gloudemans, the true connection we could make with every Frog and the strength we could find in our Frog Families. 

Thank you Ms Gloudemans for being a Glennie Guardian.  Hale House sends you a big “Hoo Ha”.

I wish all of our Frog Families safe travels and only the very best for a restful holiday.

Mrs Kaye Broardfoot
Head of House - Hale

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