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Hale Dinner - Fancy Frog Ball

Once upon a time, in a land not so far away, in the little green community of Hale, a small group of joyful frogs planned the most spectacular event the country of Glennie had ever seen … The Fancy Frog Ball … Set in the spectacular fields of Aberfeldy Farm, the frogs transformed the Barn into a ballroom of green and invited frogs from near and far to be a part of the Family Celebrations.

With the help of many Fairy FrogMothers, pumpkins were transformed into magnificent carriages, ballgowns and suits sparkled and flowed, boots were shined and frogs arrived in spectacular splendour for a night of dancing and family fun. Congratulations to the following Frogs who sparkled their way into the venue and won the best dressed categories for the evening:

  • Best Dressed Student wearing a full length shimmering gown: Telile Gehrmann
  • Best Dressed Parent wearing a spectacularly sparkling Green Jacket: Mr Michael Black
  • Best Dressed Staff Member wearing a complete Green Suit with stunning bow tie: Mr Johnathan Vongdara

And so the festivities began ... Frog guests were asked to make themselves a spectacular masquerade mask.  And while you would think this form of entertainment would be enjoyed by some of our more younger guests, there were moments throughout the evening when our older frogs elbowed their way into the craft area. Congratulations to the creative Year 12, Jemmah Ronsen who won the overall competition.  

The rivalry swiftly moved to the Dance Floor, with a number of Dance-Challenges.  Pairs formed to  participate in a round of “Knights Mounts and Selfies” (instead of Cavaliers) and then groups took on the Dance-Pose challenge where they froze as portraits of ballerinas, breakdancers and ballroom beauties.  The most hotly contested event, though, was the Student vs Parent dance-off … which was clearly won by the Frog Parent representatives, who threw the boogie down the gauntlet and danced their little frog legs off, and yes there is video footage!!  Special mention must be given to Frog Mums - Mrs Bev Milasas and Mrs Rebecca Waterfall, you know what you did and how awesome you were.  Oh and of course, who could forget our very own Flipping Frog, Mr Vongdara!!

With such energy being expended, our Frogs were delightfully fed by the amazing Chefs Lab.  We are so very grateful to owner and chef Cynthia Harvey and her wonderful mum, Bev, treating us to a selection of Mexican Bowls, Pulled Chicken tacos and Slow Cooked Brisket Burgers.  Thank you for your hospitality and beautiful filling food. And special frog mention and big thanks also to GOG Kaitlyn Rush and her team of Hospitality students who kept the frogs well-hydrated.

To bring the evening to a close, our Froggies were taught Line Dancing by our very own Boot-Scootin Frog, Cass Daniells.  This was the highlight for many of our frogs and it was a fitting way to send our Frogerella’s back off home in their pumpkin carriages before the clock struck midnight.

And although our Fancy Frog Ball has come to an end, the community of Hale would like to thank with a BIG Hale Hoo Ha, a few very special Fairy FrogMothers. Our hosts for the evening, Cass Daniells and Tony for allowing us to access their beautiful barn and for helping making all of the arrangements for the evening, and Mrs Shaz Willmington for “beshazzling” the barn, arranging the little ‘extras’, and for her enduring support.  

Thank you Cass and Shaz; your enduring loyalty towards and support of not only Hale but the wider Glennie community is significant.  You have been wonderful ambassadors for a number of years and it is especially appreciated by all Froggies, past and present.

And so, it is time for this Fairy FrogMother to hang up her wand and put away her boots.  Thank you to the many extended families who travelled from near and far to attend and to all little Froggies who made the Ball an event to remember. And finally, I need to acknowledge the outstanding organisation, effort and energy of the remarkable Hale House Committee. With ‘hand on heart’, our House is blessed to have you at the helm.  

And with the wave of her wand, and a small sparkle of green fairy dust, she was gone, for now.

The End.

Mrs Kaye Broadfoot
Middle and Senior Years Teacher
Head of House - Hale

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