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Glennie’s School-based Traineeship Program

Being a Glennie girl for some means being a Glennie trainee. We are fortunate to offer this program to girls who show an interest and aptitude in a work area within our school. We currently have girls working at Glennie Aquatics, Pitstop, Junior Years, Kindy, GOSS, the IT department and we are also looking to expand into other areas such as the science labs. These girls are all employed by Glennie and undertaking a traineeship qualification whilst working. 

This program provides so many benefits all round – the girls of course get a qualification, QCE points, a pay cheque each fortnight, plus valuable employability skills; their work supervisors have the students as staff members and they become valued and important team members that allow their work areas to operate faster and be more productive. As a school, this program has added something very special and unique to Glennie that definitely sees us helping each of the girls to become All She Can Be®. Oftentimes these traineeships have seen girls use their training to help them further on in their career pathway, and sometimes they even stay connected to Glennie. 

Piper Salisbury and Bree Coleman are two such girls who began as a school-based trainee quite some years ago now. Here are their stories:

Piper Salisbury

From a young age I knew I wanted to work in child care. When choosing what to do for work experience in Year 10, I decided to complete it at The Glennie School Kindergarten. After proving myself through work experience I was given the amazing opportunity to complete a school-based traineeship with the school during 2017. The traineeship was extremely useful as I got to study and be qualified while still being in school. From this, I was given the opportunity to work at The Glennie Kindergarten, Glennie Pitstop and I was the first ever trainee at Glennie Kindy Care. From the Certificate III in Education Support, I went on to study a Certificate III in Early Childhood and am currently completing a Diploma in Early Childhood. Right now, I work at Glennie Pitstop in the Kindy Care area. 

My future plans are to complete my Diploma and step up to be a Responsible Person with Pitstop. I also love the administration side of things and would love to continue learning in that area. I would absolutely recommend the traineeship program at Glennie. To the other Glennie students, what are you waiting for? I am living my dream job, developing skills to succeed, and you can too.

Bree Coleman

During my time at The Glennie School, in 2017, I undertook a Certificate III in Business school-based traineeship. I worked 375 hours mainly in the Careers and VET Office but also worked in the Development Office. I am extremely grateful to have had the opportunity to do a traineeship at Glennie as it gave me the chance to experience what working in an administration environment is like. It also enabled me to gain so many different skills that I still use in my jobs today.  

At the end of Year 12 I was chosen to complete a Diploma of Business with a half scholarship. I was also offered to work as the Alumni Officer in the Development Office at Glennie during 2018.  In 2019 I began doing administration work for a Registered Training Organisation called Youth Development and Training. During this year I completed a Certificate III in Sport and Recreation, and a Certificate IV in Training and Assessment which means I am now a fully qualified trainer.

Currently, I am working one day a week at Glennie in the Careers and VET Office as an Administration Assistant and four days a week with Youth Development and Training. During the COVID-19 lockdown this business was restricted with training, but my employer kept me busy with designing an entire learning platform which allowed me to further expand my skill set. I have just started delivering training to students and looking forward to expanding my knowledge within the training field in the future.

I am forever thankful to have completed a Certificate III in Business school-based traineeship at Glennie as I believe I wouldn’t be where I am today and wouldn’t have completed the qualifications I have, if I never took the opportunity when I was in Year 12.  I highly recommend the traineeship program at Glennie as I think it is a fantastic way to develop valuable work skills as well as gaining a qualification. 

Mrs Belinda Paul
VET Coordinator