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Glennie Music Camp 2019

Research indicates that students who participate in music education programs frequently achieve higher results than their peers on measures of standardized tests (Hodges, A., O'Connell, D., 2005). Involvement in a music education program does far more than this. In particular, while being involved in a music program, girls are experiencing further physical development of the left side of the brain - known to be essential for language processing. Involvement in a music program can also assist students self-confidence, self-discipline and teamwork abilities. At Glennie, we attend an annual Music Camp, where girls are involved in rehearsals with outstanding tutors, as well as structured opportunities to work with both older and younger girls in buddy sessions, as well as sessions designed specifically to create excellent pastoral care opportunities.

It is no longer anecdotal but a matter of scientifically proven fact that children who have good, strong music teaching have advantages in all other areas of learning.  (Gill, R. 2013)  

This year the decision was made to shorten Music Camp by one day, still providing the girls with the opportunity to be immersed in a three-day music camp. We encourage our girls to be all they can be, and this means involvement in extracurricular activities such as the performing arts and sport while maintaining a balance with academic studies. The decision to shorten our Music Camp by one day was not made lightly.  It was made with the knowledge of the School year ahead, and the foresight to create balance for the girls in their extracurricular pursuits.

Last Friday, ensemble members from Years 4-12 departed for camp at Alexandra Headlands. It was a fantastic weekend of rehearsals. The girls spent three days immersed in ensemble rehearsals, a block away from the beach, in fully air-conditioned rehearsal spaces and accommodation, with the outstanding Glennie music staff.

Each year we design experiences for the girls to spend time together through various activities. It is through these activities and time spent together that new friendships emerge, with girls spending time with both younger and older girls in this structure. This year the girls enjoyed ten-pin bowling, buddy sessions, a dip at the beach and some beach cricket, and the annual Rock Awards.

Our final rehearsal was the 150 Piece Orchestra - a huge moment for the girls where we performed Beethoven's "Ode to Joy" as a large symphony orchestra, complete with a choir in split parts.

This year we added additional music staff to the camp team, providing the girls with smaller group section rehearsals with additional staff on hand to ensure that our rehearsals were of the highest quality and being run by experts in their fields.

Congratulations to the girls who attended camp on an outstanding weekend. They have returned to school feeling a little tired, but more refreshed and ready for the week ahead having only missed one day of academic study. This is time invested in our girls, well balanced and well spent.

A camp as large as this does not occur without significant support and work. Thank you to our Year 12 Arts Committee, Jessica Rutledge (Captain), Alice Armytage (Vice Captain), Chloë Musch, Natalie Bergen, Lauren Hopgood, Isabel Lanigan, Aimee Lawler, Sophie Mortensen, and Kate Osborne for working incredibly hard to ensure that the activities that were planned for camp this year were successful for all involved. Congratulations on demonstrating fine leadership and teamwork ladies.

A very big thank you to the staff who attended our camp this year:

Mrs Lorraine Fuller (Brass Specialist and accompanist)

Mrs Janelle Fletcher (Voice Specialist, accompanist and Brass Tutor)

Mrs Emma Kann (Choral Conductor)  

Mrs Teresa Brix (String Specialist and String Conductor)

Mr Jason Wisley (Jazz Ensemble and Big Band)

Mrs Vicki Bravery (String and Choral Conductor)

Mrs Christine Kleidon (Woodwind Specialist and Conductor)

Mrs Elizabeth Gordon (Accompanist)

Mr Jacob Finlay (Director of Performance - JY and Conductor)

Mrs Jayne Davidson (Director of Performance - MSY and Conductor

Thank you also to the additional staff who assisted with pastoral care, evening routines and first aid: Mrs Sue Grieg, Mrs Jeanette Dawson, Mrs Leanne Wisley, Mrs Kate Harris, Mrs Brenda Suhr

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