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From the Principal (4)

A sincere welcome back to the term. Some were lucky enough to have visited Japan or Italy on school trips. Some competed in the National Equestrian competition in Sydney (and we have a National Champion...Holly Hurst) while some stayed in Toowoomba. Regardless, it will be good to see you share the experiences of the holidays. For me, the start of the term is the beginning of an opportunity to join a vibrant educational community. My first impressions have been very positive.

I like to walk the school grounds. I do not subscribe to the idea that leadership requires I focus on staying in the office. Many years ago, I took very seriously the guidance of the small but thoughtful book "managing by walking around". I have always found you achieve two critical things by being 'outside the office'; one, you see things, and second, you meet people. It has always been at the heart of how I understand a community. I have always enjoyed being a frequent visitor to classrooms and I have found the staff and the girls very happy to include me in discussions. 

The first question from most of the girls has been "what do you think of Glennie?" A good question, and by any account, a sensible place to start. Well...the first few days have been fascinating (that is not said to avoid the question). I have enjoyed talking to the staff and girls. Very friendly is a first impression! People (and I must include the parents who have made an effort to introduce themselves) have been generous with their willingness to engage in conversation. It has only been a few days and the girls have started to find their 'voice', where they either tell me about the School or ask my view on something. Both are great options and help me understand the School. My thanks to so many who have shared a thought so far. The culture within a school matters. My start requires I hear the stories and watch how the School operates. So far so good. Too early to declare anything too profound but I am relaxed (and a little delighted) about my decision to come here and I am confident that I have joined a school of significance as measured by its clear commitment to excellence, improvement and the highest quality of relationships. 

Mr Peter Crawley