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From The Principal 4 September 2020

It has been a real mixture of activity in the School this week. The Junior Years has had many involved in the rehearsal for the musical, ready for the audience this weekend. This, of course, brings excitement and tension. Producing the musical has entailed many compromises with COVID-19 plans being front-of-mind for those organising the event. Restrictions have been an inevitable part of the preparation but ultimately it is fascinating how the real focus remains on the music and the production. There will be great worth in the experience. From the bits that are leaking from the rehearsals, there will be no shortage of moments to entertain, and pride to be enjoyed by girls and parents.

In the Middle Years, there have been camps to enjoy. Next week should reveal more stories. The timing of the camps seems to have been well-placed as it will give energy and ease to all to focus on the last two weeks of the term. Senior girls are focused on exams. I hope all parents agree with my advice that this is a time to shine. No point in taking negativity into the exam room and excuses do not have validity when the purpose is to display your learning. Clarity of purpose is essential in preparing and completing exams. I would never prepare for a sporting event focusing on my gaps in preparation. My approach has always been to solve the gap before the exam. It makes the conversation after better.

Have an enjoyable weekend.

Mr Peter Crawley