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From the Principal 31 Jan

At the end of the first week of school, I must say I am immensely proud of the School. To explain this I must say thank you to so many. Before the girls returned we had the opportunity to look back at the graduates result of 2019. They were remarkable in so many ways. The seven girls who attained entry to Medicine are an obvious source of pride to the School. I would add that a graduate from 2018 will also start medicine in in 2020, and this is proof to all of the many pathways that exist in modern education. 

For a more complete summary of the 2019 result, I recommend a look at the School website and pause to contemplate the rounded nature of the opportunities that are clearly on offer at the School. It is rare to see a school shine in so many diverse areas. 

I recently received the PISA results for the School. This test was undertaken by our Year 10 girls in 2018 (yes, the results are slow to emerge). You may have read recently about the overall drop in results for Australia in this international comparative assessment of our nation's students. However, for Glennie, our girls were well above international standards.

I was proud of the positive feeling in the staff as we returned last week. The determination that Glennie will be an exceptional school radiated the conversations. The first week has been joyful around the School. It is so good to see the School again with the girls back. The new girls were joined by parents for the Orientation Day. There was time to help introduce the School, talk, laugh and adjust to the beginning of the new school experience. The Year 12 girls assisted magnificently (indeed, we would not have been as successful without their help). We inducted the Senior girls in a service enriched with deep school values, we made clear the value of developing character along with the growth that will come from the academic focus of the School. All girls and all staff play a critical role in the way academic and character education unfolds. Yes, parents and families are critical also.

So, off to a great start. The speeches by the School Captains hit the mark perfectly. To paraphrase:  “We love the school...we are excited to play a leadership role...we are looking forward to a great year”. Who could ask for more?

The Novel coronavirus has been part of the first week this year. So far we have had absolute co-operation from all who have been asked to abide by the Heath Department recommendations. I expect there will be up-dates to follow that
impact the School and I encourage all to maintain a close watch on communications from the School.

School has now begun. The work will flow. 

Mr Peter Crawley

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