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From The Principal 30 October 2020

“Lesson 2 in authenticity: Authentic people are interested in others. They are comfortable with themselves and learn to be comfortable with others who are different. They see in others another part of themselves and eagerly want to learn from others”. 

Week 4 saw the commencement of the inaugural external examinations for our Year 12s. Everything thus far, has been seamless and the girls have feelings of relief and resignation that it has all begun. Remembering Abraham Lincoln’s words: “this too will pass” is apt at this moment.

Thursday’s Academic Assembly acknowledged over 70 girls in Years 10 and 11 for their Semester 2 work and commitment. It is so pleasing to see the desire the girls have to achieve academically and the healthy competition that this can create, spurring everyone to achieve the best they can. Of course, this is not only a time of acknowledging the awardees, we must also acknowledge the large group of girls who worked hard in their studies; cooperated with those around them, from teachers to boarding supervisors, to sports coaches to peripatetic teachers, to admin and maintenance, kitchen and cleaning staff; looked after their peers; worn their uniform with pride; turned up to training/choir/drama/band practice - always - but most importantly to those young women who, through their daily endeavours, strive to live the Glennie motto “All She Can Be”. Congratulations girls.

Today (Friday, 30 October) is “World Teacher’s Day” and it is appropriate that I take this time to thank not only all teachers of Glennie, and the wider community at large, but also every staff member within the School who make Glennie what it is. It does take a ‘village to raise a child’ and at Glennie it takes all of us to look after the precious girls in our care. So to all these people a simple ‘thank you’. You matter and we value what you do every day. 

Albert Einstein summarised perfectly what is at the heart of teaching and I will leave you all with his words:

“It is the supreme art of the teacher to awaken joy in creative expression and knowledge”.

Ms Mary Anne Evans